Benefits of Online Advertising with Google Ads

By  //  March 5, 2023

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For every new business venture that humans lay their hands on, best believe that a lot of brainstorming and market research has gone behind the scenes.

One major consensus is that online advertising is the major driver of revenue for many businesses in this age. It allows you to showcase your adverts to a specific audience who would be willing to buy products from you or employ your services.

When you think about online advertising, the first thing that’s probably on your mind is Google Ads. Judging from the fact that Google owns the biggest chunk of the online advertising market, the spot is well deserved. 

Google Ads are the best way to push your brand into the potential customers’ faces. The platform’s massive reach can make millions of people know about your brand in days. You can advertise your businesses to these people and even track whether they clicked on your ads or not. 

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When you search for something on Google and results pop up, the ones that are marked with an “ad” label are Google Ads. 

Why use Google Ads?

They allow you to take optimal advantage of online advertising. With proper Google Ads management, they do a fine job of showing your ads to the right people, in a targeted location and at the right time. Aside from these, you might be wondering what are the benefits of online advertising with Google Ads? Look no further, for in this article, we’ll discuss five benefits of running a Google Ads campaign. 

More Traffic

Statistics have shown that well over five billion people use Google’s search engine daily. The key takeaway of this is that every day, billions of people search for the things they need to buy or the services they need online. 

Logically, it means that when you do your online advertising with Google, your business is out there for these billions of people to see. Your chances of getting organic and paid traffic on your website are increased; if you tap into that well, you can convert this traffic into sales.

Aside from tapping into the massive audience that Google Ads offers you, you also have access to other platforms owned by Google, such as the Google Display network, Gmail, and YouTube. All of these form over 85% of the world’s internet users. 

More Conversions.

People who click on Google Ads are 50% more likely to buy. Why? The process of creating a Google Ads campaign involves bidding on keywords with the highest purchase intention. Thus, it is guaranteed that most people who search for that keyword do so because they’re ready to buy. They have an idea of what they want, and if your products appeal to them, they can make a purchase immediately. 

On the other hand, you can create a remarketing campaign for those who might not yet be ripe. The idea behind this is to persuade this segment of your audience to make a purchase. 

Google uses cookies on websites to retarget users. This means that users will view your ad more often if they have visited your website. These remarketing campaigns take Google Ads high conversion rate to a new level. Thus, your sales will boom faster with Google Ads. 

Precise Targeting

It is not enough to access Google’s extensive audience. It is important to have access to the right segment of people who need your business. Google’s smart algorithm can detect users’ intentions and show them your ads when they need them. This is what aids conversions and boosts sales. This precise targeting is another benefit that you can enjoy from online advertising with Google Ads. 

How do you get your ads to the right audience? Google Ads offer a wide range of choices that can make your campaign targeting more specific. They are: 

    • Keywords; you can use relevant words or phrases to your campaign. When customers search for these words, your ads can pop up. You can target the highest-performing keywords for your brand.
  • Age, location, and language: you can choose the age, geographical area, and language of the customers to whom you want your ads to be shown.
  • Ad placements: you can show your ads on pages and sites that are part of the Google Display Networks.
  • Devices: you can choose to make your ads appear on all kinds of devices or specific devices. 
  • Days, frequency, time: you can choose what days, what time, and how often you want your ads to show on the screens of your prospective customers. 

Faster Results

Another benefit of online advertising with Google Ads is that it is a faster way to grow your business. It’s different from traditional marketing, where you have to design and print fliers or go into the streets to market your products, or SEO, where you have to painstakingly create content, build links and promote it till it shows up on the search results page.

With Google Ads, you only really need to bid on your highest converting keywords and create a landing page that can convert to get traffic flowing in. 

Better Return on Investment

With Google Ads, you literally spend money to save money. Unlike other marketing strategies where you need to spend a lot of money and hope it works out, with Google Ads, you can work with a controlled budget and a predictable outcome. 

There are three bidding strategies that you can use to maximize returns. They are:

  • Cost per Click (CPC), where you pay for every click on your ads.
  • Cost per Thousand viewable impressions (CPM), where you pay based on the number of views on your ad, and
  • Cost per Action (CPA), where you pay if the user performs any significant action. 

Imagine it this way. You often only pay for prospective brand awareness and exposure when using certain marketing techniques. The only thing you pay for with Google Ads is results. With its comprehensive analytics, Google helps you get more from your advertising efforts by providing you with clear information on what is and is not working. 

Now that you know the massive benefits that are attached to online advertising with Google Ads, contact us today for all kinds of digital marketing services. Let’s get your brand online!