Brevard County Sheriff’s Office K9 Hondo Takes Down Armed Burglary Suspect

By  //  March 17, 2023

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Frantz Johnson is now sitting in “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge” for Armed Burglary and Felony Criminal Mischief.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – So here I am, just minding my own business while on patrol with my Uber Driver, Sergeant Jerry Shealy, when all of a sudden they dispatch a burglary in progress call where the suspect has fled from Deputies on foot.

As we hear it going down on the radio, Jerry, or Sgt. Shealy as he makes me call him, says ”hey Hondo, you wanna go chase a bad guy” to which I of course reply, “not really, cause I know I’m gonna have to do all the work and you’ll just stand there holding the dummy end of the leash and then try to take credit for everything when it’s over!!”

Of course, that gets me a dirty look in the mirror as he starts heading toward the call, because that’s what happens when they need a fur missile to do the work that well trained Deputies apparently can’t do for themselves.

Maybe if they stopped eating so many doughnuts, they could actually chase a bad guy down for themselves and I wouldn’t have to do all the work!!

So after Jerry turns on the blue lights and siren, which by the way, I’m pretty sure makes him feel like John Wayne, he then drives like a complete maniac sliding me all over the kennel in the back of the Tahoe, so we can arrive on scene before anyone else!!

As soon as the tires come to a screeching halt, Jerry bails out of the car while singing ”here I come to save the day” like he is actually gonna chase the guy himself. Trust me when I tell you, he ain’t gonna chase squat, as he hasn’t won a foot race since being on the playground in Elementary School.

After a few minutes Jerry comes back to the truck, snatches open the door, and in his sister’s high pitched voice says to me, “let’s go boy, let’s track this burglar!!” I looked at him like he has two heads and said “why do I have to do it, why don’t you call out “Junny” or one of those other weird looking dogs with the big floppy ears, ain’t that what they’re for!!”

At this point, Jerry is not very happy with my attitude and is acting all amped up like he just drank 20 Red Bulls as he gives me some kind of verbal command in German that apparently means “get out of the truck right now and track the suspect or you’re going back to the pound!!”

So I get out of the air conditioned truck and away we go with me running mach II with Jerry and the other Deputies lagging behind. After running for about a half mile and jumping over three fences, I find the guy hiding behind some palm fronds like a little scared kitty cat!! Of course I have to show Jerry where he’s hiding at, as apparently he never played hide and seek as a kid, and if he did he sucked at it!!

Once Jerry finally sees the suspect, he for some reason feels compelled to give him repeated verbal commands to comply or he will get dog bit.

Are you kidding me right now Jerry? This guy breaks into someone’s house, runs from our Deputies, I’m yelled at in German to get out of a perfectly cool vehicle to chase his butt through the woods, and now you want to give him a warning so he doesn’t get dog bit? Oh hell no, I’m biting this guy Sgt. Jerry or whatever your name is!! Well lucky for me this guy didn’t listen too well, so Jerry cut me lose and I took a bite out of crime by sinking my teeth into his left forearm and dragging him from his hiding place so he could be taken into custody by awaiting Deputies!!

Now here is where my life really sucks…after being yelled at in German to get out of the truck, chasing a burglar through the woods, and having to put a nasty scumbag arm in my mouth, my reward is Jerry yelling “Good Boy” in a high pitched voice and giving me a piece of fire hose to chew on.

Are you freaking kidding me, I get a piece of fire hose when the reality is, if Jerry and the Deputies had done their jobs, I wouldn’t have had to do anything and could have stayed in the air conditioned truck!! How about a nice piece of steak and a swig of Listerine to get this nasty taste out my mouth? How about that Jerry?

Oh well, at least no one got hurt by this guy, Frantz Johnson who is now sitting in “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge” for Armed Burglary and Felony Criminal Mischief.

Another successful case handled by a BCSO K-9 and of course, Jerry will get all the credit, because he is the only one who can type the report!