eSIMs for Indonesia in 2023

By  //  March 23, 2023


We are aware that there may be a variety of factors at play in your search for the best eSIM Indonesia, from keeping in contact with loved ones to the pure joy of sharing your travel experiences online.

View the following eSIM options for your upcoming trip to Indonesia if you’d like to. The Republic of Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the globe, and is situated in South-East Asia south of Vietnam and The Philippines, between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The archipelago, which consists of over 13,000 islands, over 12,000 of which are populated, covers almost 2 million km2. Jakarta is its main city.

Which eSIMs Are the Best for Indonesia?


One of the largest markets for prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs is SimOptions. By using a local prepaid SIM card, SimOptions helps foreign travelers save 100% on roaming fees. It is now providing an eSIM for Indonesia. The SimOptions Indonesia eSIM is the ideal option for keeping in touch with friends and family back home.


The eSIM2Fly Asia eSIM is a special offer from AIS. The largest network supplier in Thailand, AIS offers one of the world’s most intricate network coverages. Utilize Indonesia’s 3G, 4G, and 5G internet at the lowest possible cost.

Three HK

Millions of users globally use the services Three HK offers as one of the largest network providers. With the eSIM from Three HK, you can stay linked to a quick internet network in Indonesia and take advantage of quick internet data. However the network they use in Indonesia does not have great coverage.

Bikago Mobile

Tourists traveling Bali and Indonesia can get quick, dependable, and inexpensive mobile data with the help of an eSIM card from Bikago Mobile. You will receive a QR code when you buy our eSIM card, which you can use on your smartphone to activate your plan. You won’t have to worry about compatibility problems because our eSIM works with all carrier-unlocked devices that support eSIM. We give you a physical SIM card if your phone isn’t suitable.

You’ll be connected to the Telkomsel network and experience seamless connectivity throughout Bali and Indonesia as soon as you activate your Bikago Mobile eSIM card. Our user-friendly app makes it simple to manage your account and lets you choose from a variety of data packages to meet your requirements and budget.

You can be sure you’re receiving the best deal possible thanks to our transparent pricing and absence of any additional costs.

Why opt for an eSIM card from Bikago Mobile?

For visitors to Bali and Indonesia, our eSIM device has several advantages. You don’t have to wait in line to activate your mobile data with us, and you can start using it as soon as you arrive. Additionally, you can join without any additional hassle thanks to our straightforward KYC process. Additionally, our eSIM card offers extensive coverage and quick, dependable data so you can remain connected and tell your loved ones about your adventures.