How Branded Bags Can Benefit Your Business

By  //  March 6, 2023

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Chances are you are already familiar with promotional items which are branded products that are given at little or no cost to promote a business.

In most cases, promotional items are usually inexpensive and day-to-day items like pens, branded apparel, branded bags, water bottles, sunglasses, notebooks, and so on. And while there are several great items to choose from, branded bags are easily one of the best, if not the best promotional materials

There are several reasons why branded bags make great promotional items but the most obvious one is their functionality. A bag is an essential everyday item, full stop.

It doesn’t matter whether the recipients of the bags support your brand or not, they will use the bag if it’s useful to them essentially marketing your brand and making themselves walking ambassadors. Below, you’ll find reasons why branded bags are great for your business.

Promotional Bags Come In Several Styles And Sizes

Promotional bags are as diverse as anything can be and this offers you the opportunity to choose one that suits your brand. If your brand is sports-related, it makes more sense to go for a custom sports bag or backpack, although these types of bags tend to be more expensive.

For most business, personalized tote bags and drawstring bags are enough. Tote bags are already immensely popular due to their stylish design and versatility. You can pretty much use a tote bag for everything from shopping, an easy access gym bag, lunch bag, beach bag, picnic bag, or even a laundry bag. 

Drawstring bags are almost as versatile as totes and come in different aesthetically-pleasing styles. You can make a statement with your branded drawstring bags by choosing a unique style. 

The size of your bags also matters and the key is to make your bags not too small and not too big but somewhere in between. You can never get it wrong this way. 

Branded Bags Are Economical

Marketing generally is expensive but marketing with promotional bags is not. Promotional items are generally affordable with many small businesses able to find the budget for them. 

So, for businesses that can’t afford prime-time television advertising, newspaper/magazine advertising, or digital advertising, branded bags are a low-cost and effective form of advertising. Even those that have the budget for the aforementioned types of advertising can always complement them with promotional items advertising. 

Improve Brand Recognition

The goal of any advertising endeavor is to reach more people and improve brand awareness and recognition. As mentioned earlier, people become walking brand ambassador when they use your bags with the bags themselves becoming walking billboards. And since branded bags are versatile and can be used for almost anything, your brand enjoy more exposure as they generate impressions whenever someone use them in public.

It’s even better if your bags are stylish or attention-grabbing as they would pique the interest of people that see them. This may make them inquire about your business and seek you out with the hope of getting one after patronizing you. If your service is excellent, you can easily turn them to loyal and repeat customers. 

Considerations About Branded Bags

Before taking steps to produce your promotional bags, there are some things you have to be intentional about. One of these include the quality of the bag. While promotional items are generally inexpensive, quality products will cost a bit more than regular or substandard ones and while it may be tempting to cut costs by ordering for bags of lesser quality, doing so will affect you negatively in the long run. 

For one, low-quality bags reflects poorly on your business. Imagine someone using your bag for the first time and the bag tears even though there isn’t much load or stress on it. Not cool. Beyond that, low-quality bags means lower ROI on your investment since the bags since customers can’t use them when they are damaged. 

So, giving out bags of decent quality benefits both you and your customers. On your customers part, they have a handy and useful bag they can use while you get more brand exposure as your customers get a lot of use out of their bags. 

Another thing to consider is the design of the bag. Yes, we’ve been talking about the design of branded bags like a broken record but the truth is that design can make your bag succeed or flop.

Ideally, you want your branded bags to be conversation starters, something that will be noticed. Your customers are also more likely to use the bags if they find them appealing and people will want to know about the business that produced such elegant bags.