How to Plan A Vacation With Friends To Cabo

By  //  March 18, 2023

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Tropical warmth, sunlight, crystal clear ocean waters, and luxury.

If you and your friends are excited to go on a vacation that offers all these attractions, the Mexican beach city of Cabo should be your next tour destination!

Here are some tips for planning a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, with your friends.

1. Plan With Your Friends

Planning is essential for any vacation, especially when you are traveling with others.

Your friends may have different interests and preferences. For example, you may want to go snorkeling in Cabo, while some of your friends prefer shopping or enjoying the local cuisine.  

Take everyone’s preferences into account for having a satisfactory experience for all.

Plan with all of your friends. Come up with places to visit, activities, and other things like accommodation, etc.

Also, decide when will be the best time to visit Cabo.

It will also be good if you split up the work – you book the tickets, while someone else books accommodation and so on. This will not only decrease your burden but also make everyone feel involved in the planning process.

2. Finding The Right Accommodation

In Cabo, there are mainly two types of accommodation: all-inclusive and rental villas.

All-inclusive stays take care of food, cleaning, etc. along with accommodation, for the same price.

Rental villas are apartments and houses rented out to tourists, they only provide accommodation. That means you have to rely on restaurants or cook your food.

All-inclusive accommodations are a bit limiting, especially if you are going in large numbers. Rental villas give you and your friends more privacy.

Also, rental villas are very cheap and help you stay on top of your budget.

3. Transportation

Your tour plan won’t just stay on paper, you need to plan every detail including arrival and departure. 

As soon as you exit the airport, you should contact Cabos Airport Transportation to help you reach your accommodation, that too at unbelievably low rates. Yes, this will be one of your wisest decisions!

Afterward, you and your pals will be ready to get the vacation going. But how will you go to different places?

Since you’ll be moving in a group, renting a car is a good idea. If you’re not comfortable driving in a new city, you can always use the active public transportation system of Cabo for very cheap prices. Also, taxis are available in plenty.

You may even walk wherever it is possible. Trust me! It will be fun.

4. Activities And Places To Visit

■ Cabo has a lot of attractions and some excellent experiences for tourists.

■ You should brainstorm a little and come up with a list of places to visit and activities you and your friends prefer.

■ The group doesn’t always have to move together. Schedule time to enjoy both individual and group activities.

■ You should not miss the following:

■ Visiting beaches like Medano beach, Chileno beach, etc.

■ Visiting the Land’s End rock formations.

■ Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

■ Whale watching.

■ Spas (They are famous for their splendid services).

■ Art galleries and Museums (Free music and entertainment every Thursday).

■ Mexican cuisine restaurants.

■ Shopping and street food.

■ ATV and biking adventures.

■ Hiking

■ Cruise tours (yachts, water taxis, catamarans)

■ Waterfalls


A tour with your dear friends is an experience to be remembered always.

Just remember that a fun trip with many people will include some sacrifices and compromises. But the joy of sharing the adventure and special moments with a company you trust and cherish is unparalleled.

I hope this article will help you plan an amazing vacation with your friends!