How to Prevent an Instagram Shadowban

By  //  March 13, 2023

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Do you know Instagram has the liberty to shadowban your account? It means there are some rules which need to be followed. In case you don’t abide by them, something called “shadowban” takes place.  

Shadowban has a negative impact on your account. You can’t do a lot of things once the account is shadowbanned. For example, stories you share are not visible to the audience. Also, Instagram stories and posts are deprived of hitting the milestone of reaching the “Explore” page. 

Is it Easy to Remove Shadowban?

Instagram removes shadowban automatically within 14 days. It is not officially announced though. So, stay put and don’t get panicked if your account is shadowbanned. Secondly, talking to support about the issue is one of the best ways to deal with the situation. 

Why are Instagram Accounts Shadowbanned? 

There are, however, some reasons that constitute towards shadowbanning. 

Reason #1: Instagram account violates the community guidelines. 

Reason #2: Sensitive content is present in the posts. 

You might be thinking that if you buy 25 Instagram comments UK then this can cause a shadowban of your account. Well, you wouldn’t have to face this issue if you get services from a reliable source.

Difference Between Shadowban and Regular Ban on Instagram

The main difference between a regular ban and a shadowban is based on one thing – at the time of the ban, the regular one, you are notified. However, when it comes to shadowban, there is no notification. Naturally, it is not a cool thing to experience. 

How to Prevent Shadowban on Instagram?

Nobody would like to get shadowbanned. Everyone on Instagram wants to remain safe. To eradicate such feelings, one must know practices that assist in staying active on Instagram for a long time. Just like you buy 50 Instagram comments UK to quickly resolve engagement issues in less time.

Below, we have mentioned six such tips. They will guide you on how to prevent Instagram shadowban. 

Different Ways to Stay Away from Shadowbanning on Instagram 

Way #1: Never Go Against Instagram “Community Guidelines”

Understand everything mentioned and explained in the “community guidelines.” This is the best place to know the details of violations. If you give it a thorough read to it, the prospects of avoiding red flags (in the process of monetizing and running an Instagram profile for a long) gets higher. Also, it is advised to read and understand the “terms of Instagram service.”  

In short, you must look into the following aspects to avoid shadowban. 

  1. i) Never lose your cool – no disrespectful comments or DMs 
  2. ii) Don’t post sensitive or inappropriate thoughts in the form of images or videos 

iii) Stay away from violence; don’t promote anything related to violence 

  1. iv) Own copyrights or take permission from the person who owns the copyright before publishing a post 

Way #2: Avoid Using Banned Hashtags

Another way to cut down the chances of shadowbanning is by using banned hashtags. There are some hashtags that are not legal to use. They put your post and the entire Instagram profile at risk. Also, try not to comment on or promote posts with problematic hashtags. Even if you have to buy 100 Instagram comments UK make sure to make a deal with any trustworthy company. 

In this regard, it is a must to check hashtags that have been banned and the ones you have used in the previous content. Remove the ones which are banned somehow but are used in previously published posts. Doing so will help you stay active and reduce the chances of getting shadowbanned. 

For example, it is not allowed to use hashtags like #assworship, #boho, #edm, #mustfollow, and #workflow. 

Why they are banned, we don’t know. But it is extremely important to stay away from them by all means.   

Way #3: Don’t Use Fake Third-Party Services 

Another reason for the increasing possibilities of shadowbanning relies upon the use of fake third-party Instagram services. It is mentioned in the community guidelines and in terms of service that the use of fake engagement tools, like followers, comments, likes, shares, etc., is prohibited. The moment you buy a fake service, it somehow catches the attention of Instagram. Your IG profile gets shadowbanned only if the use of fake or spam engagement tools is detected. 

Way #4: Use “Trigger Warning” Caption for Delicate Topics 

See, there can be times when you want to talk about an incident that may relate to violence. What you need to remember is that Instagram doesn’t care what your intention is when posting such content. All it knows is you are promoting violence. Since it is not allowed to promote violence, your post can mislead Instagram. 

What should you do if and when it is extremely important to post such stuff on Instagram? See, you can either blur the content or put a warning. The warning should be on both texts and in the video or image. 

Another thing you should remember is to pen down your two cents clearly. It will help Instagram to know you are against violence.  

Way #5: Post Content Without Copyrights 

As soon as you post plagiarized content or one that has copyrights, you will get prone to being shadowbanned. It means it is essential to get permission from the content owner before publishing it on your Instagram account. However, give a disclaimer if you really have to use copyrighted material. 

Last Verdict: Prevention is Better than Cure – Avoid Getting Shadowbanned 

If you are rolling on Instagram nicely, that is seriously plausible. But it is essential to take care of specific issues while posting content related to your industry, business, brand, or work. It would be best if you kept an eye on revised terms and community guidelines.

That is seriously going to help you out massively. Another way is to stay away from content related to violence and banned hashtags.