Organizations Can Add Any Functionality to Existing UKG Solutions with CloudApper

By  //  March 21, 2023

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UKG software solutions are being used by several organizations worldwide – and for a good reason. UKG provides some of the best software solutions for workforce management.

While their solutions are competent, we live in an age of rapid development. The competition, tactics, and practices are in a constant state of change. Due to these ever-changing factors, some organizations need to add more functionality to their existing UKG solutions to optimize workforce management, reduce costs, and improve their bottom line. 

Fortunately, the CloudApper community for UKG solutions can help UKG users add any functionality to their existing software. 

The CloudApper community in a nutshell 

CloudApper is a state-of-the-art AI platform that users can utilize to create any kind of solution to work seamlessly with their UKG software. Currently, UKG WF Central, Ready, Dimensions, and Pro are supported. 

Since CloudApper is an AI platform, we can easily create functionalities for UKG solutions – our system writes the software. CloudApper provides a drag-and-drop and user-friendly interface with several templates that we edit and modify to fit UKG users’ needs. Organizations using UKG software can avail custom functionalities that work seamlessly with their existing solutions thanks to CloudApper. Integrating CloudApper with UKG is easy, and no data migration is required – making it a hassle-free experience. 

Enough about what CloudApper is – let’s look at what kind of functionalities it can add to UKG software to extend the latter’s 0usefulness. 

How can CloudApper augment UKG solutions?

It can ensure employee verification

Organizations using UKG software can use CloudApper to prevent time theft and buddy punching by ensuring accurate employee identification. CloudApper pulls the employee list and data from UKG, and when the employee punches in, it uses biometrics to verify the employee – the same happens during punch-outs. Using biometrics (both facial and fingerprint recognition are supported), CloudApper prevents an employee’s colleagues from punching in on their behalf, preventing time theft and buddy punching with its touchless employee time capture system for UKG.

Organizations that don’t want to use biometrics during clock-ins and clock-outs can opt-in for QR code scanning or even NFC tags – the process is the same. In this case, the employee’s authorized smartphone is used for verification. 

It can confirm employee availability

CloudApper can be configured to provide notifications to employees before their shifts start. Doing so can help organizations know which employees won’t be able to make it to work so that they can manage another resource for the task – preventing interruptions and ensuring productivity. 

Identify how much time employees spend on tasks

In order to optimize workforce management, organizations need to know how much time employees spend on their tasks. This applies to factories and plants where workers must execute specific tasks daily. Armed with CloudApper, UKG customers can easily track employee tasks.

This works just like employee time clocks – but uses NFC tags that are placed strategically so that employees can access them before and after the tasks. Before the employees start the task, they simply scan the NFC tag with their smartphone – CloudApper starts tracking their time. Once the task is completed, they scan the NFC tag once again, and CloudApper records the time they’ve spent on the task – it’s that easy! 

It can help you gain a better understanding of your teams

Using the data from your UKG software, the CloudApper platform can help you gain deeper insights into your team’s performance by providing managers with customizable reports. For instance, want to learn the average time an employee spends on a break every day or which employees have been doing overtime for the past month? With CloudApper, generating these custom reports is possible and easy! 

CloudApper is what UKG users need for workforce management optimization

CloudApper transforms the way organizations use their UKG software solutions. Since it’s a no-code AI platform, organizations can add any kind of functionality to their UKG software to meet their business needs.

With CloudApper, UKG customers can reduce costs, ensure compliance, boost productivity, and improve the bottom line.