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By  //  March 1, 2023

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You have probably already booked your stay on so many times and what else can you learn about? Just choose your hotel, dates, click, enter your credit card details, arrive at your accommodation and enjoy.

And yes, it can be done that way too, but if you give me a few minutes and read on, you can actually learn a few new tips—tips that will not only save you money, but also land you in a much nicer hotel bedroom.

I have been actively using for the last five years, and I cannot say that I know all the tricks of the site. For example, I recently found out about a last-minute booking on next trip from Lithuania to Hungary. And I’m sure there are some more treasures and secret deals to be discovered, so stay tuned and I’ll update this post as I learn new things.

Get Genius status genius status is the loyalty status of Wondering how to become a booking genius member? It’s much easier to become a booking genius than in any other area of ​​life, so take this chance. To achieve this status, you only need to book your stay five times over two years, which is relatively easy if you travel a lot.

Make sure you log in with the same username every time you book. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that genius can bring you. While we go through them, please note that this won’t be relevant for all hotels – some offer brilliant discounts and some don’t. The ones you want will look like this:

So these are some of the genius benefits you will get:

  • 2 hours early check-in
  • Check out 2 hours later
  • airport transfer
  • the special phone number for brilliant members.
  • Well, sometimes it can take ages to get the hang of it, but only a few centuries shorter than mere mortals without genius status.

Book at the last minute

Well, of course, if you can. If you’re planning a whole family trip with your aunts, uncles and grandma two years in advance, then it doesn’t matter, go ahead. However, if you are young and flexible at heart and circumstances allow you to wait until the last minute to book, then do it!

Hotels usually offered discounts from 20% up to (and I actually saw this!) 70%. This way you can save a lot of money and/or stay in a much nicer place than your budget would normally allow.

Complain if something is wrong or makes you uncomfortable

You have your special booking genius phone line for a reason! And that’s one of the main factors why I use Booking again and again instead of going directly through the hotel. Yes, when I travel I want to meet and interact with locals. But I don’t want to rely on my very limited language skills and personal charm for the comfort of my stay (especially now traveling with a toddler).

If something goes wrong, I really want to be able to explain what I need. Therefore, if for some reason you cannot agree on something with the hotel, you pick up the phone, call the line and discuss it with staff. If necessary, they can later communicate with the hotel themselves.

Do you know it all now? Try to book something!

I mean it, go ahead and check out some of the dates and destinations you’ve been considering for your future travels.

Try fiddling with them a bit until you get a better price. Practice makes perfect.

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