Sub Broker Franchise in India

By  //  March 9, 2023

The Stock Market has now spread its wings wide and high; whether a small town or a metro city, the stock market has its followers in every nook.

All this has been possible through well-incorporated technology and stock brokers stepping up their game in the market.

To boost and stir investment all around, stock brokers offer customers the most economical and convenient product and service range. Another stream affiliated with stock broking is the Sub-broker program.

We will sum up the top 3 sub-broker franchises in India in this article and also talk about some other related segments.

What is Sub Broker Business?

A Sub-broker is any person who is not associated with the Stock Exchange but renders services on behalf of a Trading Member of the Stock Exchange.

A sub-broker is also known as Authorized Person or Agent or Franchise or Business Partner. They primarily assist customers of the stock broker company dealing in securities and maintain a direct relationship with them.

The sub-broker business took off well as the stock broker cannot directly contact every customer or outreach to prospective clients to convince them. Also, a stockbroker needs assistance in its operations to grow and increase its sales.

A very important function performed by the sub-brokers is acting as the intermediate between the stockbroker and the clients.

No.1 – Angel Broking Sub Broker

The entity is currently running over 11,000 franchises all over India, making it among the top franchise choice. 

Angel one has been in the business for decades, from the time of paper trading to the time of Mobile Trading; the company has seen the country evolving and has continuously evolved itself to keep up with the pace.

Angel Broking Franchise offers easy account setup, lower brokerage charges, high-speed trading platforms, customer support services, and many more other features.

No.2 – Sharekhan Sub Broker

Sharekhan, every Indian must have heard when talking about the stock market. Sharekhan is a full-service stock broking house providing investing tools and services under one roof.

The company’s sub-broker program has also gained quantifiable appreciation from the market. They offer comprehensive support to the joiners. 

Provide them with the requisite training in the market and the products & services offered by the entity. The revenue sharing offered by the entity, too, is very attractive.

No.3 – IIFL Sub Broker

India Infoline, or IIFL, is a decades-old stock broker house ranking among the top 3 sub-broker franchise programs available in the country.

The company undoubtedly has maintained its growth spectrum through the years with its impeccable services and ease.

IIFL Franchise offers an attractive source of income for stock market enthusiasts through its sub-broker program. They have a helpful, technology-efficient platform to assist the sub-brokers and growth with the entity.

How to select a good sub-brokership?

While choosing the partner to establish a business under, it’s elemental to observe every angle, thoroughly understand their opportunities and drawbacks and thereafter arrive at a conscious conclusion. A sub-broker business is a long-term journey and should be taken under haste.

Give due attention to every factor that drives the journey and your future as an entrepreneur. Let’s see some of the apparent and important aspects you should keep in mind while selecting a good Sub-broker:

  • Initial and operation cost of the business
  • Revenue Sharing Model adopted by the company
  • Training and support availability
  • Growth and diversification over time
  • Variety of products and services
  • Brand Reputation in the market
  • Trading platforms and their efficiency
  • Customers’ grievance resolution system
  • Brokerage charges levied on customers

Benefits of Sub Broker Business

Sub Broker Business is a manifold business unit and includes benefits and advantages for everyone associated with it. Some of the highly listed and appreciated benefits are:

  • Business start-up under an already existing, reputed brand of the market.
  • Relatively lower Start-up cost in comparison with other businesses.
  • Stationary and continuous income source.
  • Every experience from earlier work in the financial market counts.
  • Initial training, timely updates, and seminars for new aspects of the market.
  • High Growth and profit opportunities.
  • Dynamic revenue sharing model having plenty of profit margins for sub-brokers
  • Offer built-in innovative products and services of the stock broker, not separate offerings required.


Sub-brokers offer a variety of services to the customers of the stockbroker. They operate as an intermediate between the two parties; hence their role should not be undermined. They provide account opening assistance to helping the customers get familiar with the platforms and invest smoothly.

Sub-brokers’ other functions are introducing new clients, trading on behalf of customers, making settlements, coordinating with customers, and acting as a communicator for the entity.

This business has high prospects for individuals undertaking the role of sub-brokers; they can make their earnings limitless.