Ace Your Jamb Examination: Tips, Strategies and Insights for Success

By  //  April 18, 2023

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JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) Examination is an annual national standardized test administered to hundreds of thousands of high school graduates across Nigeria as part of the admissions process for tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Taking this exam can often determine if an applicant gains admission or not.

Preparing for the Jamb Examination can be intimidating, but with proper tips, strategies, and insights you can ace this test and secure admission to your dream university. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this examination from registration procedures to test formats as well as how best to prepare effectively for it.

Before we discuss how to ace the Jamb Examination, let’s first review its registration process and test format.

Registration Process:

The Jamb Examination is available to high school graduates who have successfully passed their Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), including Mathematics and English Language exams with at least five credit passes each.

Registration for the Jamb Exam typically commences in December and concludes by February of the following year.

To register for the Jamb Examination, it is essential to acquire your Jamb e-PIN from any accredited bank or online payment platform. Candidates are also advised to be familiar with the JAMB Portal at as they can find useful JAMB details there including checking admission status.

Once you have obtained a Jamb e-PIN, any Jamb accredited center can complete your registration.

Test Format:

  • The Jamb Examination is a computerized multiple choice test (CBT), featuring four subjects including English Language, Mathematics, and two supplementary examinations related to your course of study.
  • Each subject includes 40 multiple-choice questions for a total of 160 questions.
  • Jamb Examination takes two hours to complete.

Now that we understand the basics of the Jamb Examination, let’s dive deeper into some tips and strategies for successfully passing it.

Tips and Strategies for Acing the Jamb Examination

Starting Early

To maximize your chance of passing the Jamb Examination, begin your studies well in advance of taking it. Give yourself at least six months to prepare.

Be Sure You Have the Proper Materials

In order to successfully prepare for the Jamb Examination, it is necessary to possess appropriate study materials such as textbooks, past questions, and practice tests. You can obtain such items either at any Jamb-accredited center or online.

Make a Study Plan

An effective Jamb Examination preparation requires creating a study plan. Develop an agenda that outlines what and when you should study, allocating enough time per subject as well as prioritizing areas where improvement may be most needed.

Past Question Practice

Practicing past questions is an excellent way to prepare for the Jamb Examination. It provides an idea of what lies ahead during the exam, while helping identify areas in need of more practice.

Join a Study Group

Joining a study group is an effective way to prepare for the Jamb Examination, providing an opportunity to share ideas and learn from fellow students. When selecting your study group, make sure it’s focused and serious about passing this exam.

Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics are memory aids that can help you remember information easily. They can be especially useful for subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Create acronyms, songs, or rhymes to remember important facts and formulas.

Stay Focused

While preparing for the Jamb Examination, it’s important to stay focused and avoid distractions. Find a quiet study space and limit your time on social media and other forms of entertainment.

Take Breaks

Studying for long hours without breaks can be counterproductive. Take short breaks in between study sessions to relax your mind and rejuvenate your energy.

Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep is crucial for effective Jamb Examination preparation. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to boost your memory, concentration, and overall mental health.

Believe in Yourself

Finally, believe in yourself and your ability to succeed in the Jamb Examination. Stay positive, confident, and motivated throughout your preparation and on the exam day. Remember, your attitude determines your altitude.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When is the Jamb Examination held?

A: The Jamb Examination usually takes place each April.

Q: Which subjects make up the Jamb Exam?

A: The Jamb Examination consists of four subjects – English Language, Mathematics and two additional related to your chosen course of study.

Q: How long is the Jamb Exam?

A: It lasts approximately 2 hours.

Question: Am I allowed to bring in calculators/electronic devices to the Jamb Examination?

A: Unfortunately no calculators/electronic devices may be brought into the Jamb Examination.

We hope we’ve been able to provide you with every information regarding the JAMB examinations and also hope we’ve been providing to provide any/every question you could possibly have regarding the examination.