Ariel Lavi: An Awards Winning International Film Producer and Screenwriter

By  //  April 11, 2023

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Ariel Lavi is a talented Film producer, screenwriter and actor who has earned an impact in the world of film.

His love for films and acting goes from his early years, and he followed his ambitions by learning to act at the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute in New York City, followed by studies in screenwriting at various schools within the UK.

After establishing solid academic foundations, Lavi founded his own production company, the Lavi Company, in Miami, Florida. Since then, he’s produced films in many countries, including his native country of the USA, Mexico, and Nigeria, as well as in the UAE and Canada.

Awarded Numerous Awards

Another way to gauge the talent of an artist is to look at the awards and awards he has received in recognition of his efforts. In this regard, Ariel Lavi has won numerous prestigious awards, which are so numerous that each is difficult to mention.

His films have been awarded numerous awards and were nominated 35 times. They were screened worldwide in places like New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, London, Athens, South Korea, Sydney, and many more. Ariel Lavi studied acting at the highly regarded Lee Strasberg Film&Theatre Institute for one year.

Ariel Lavi wants to bring his innovative and unique style to the most prestigious stage in the world. Lavi focused on”Metanoia,” a Mexican LGBTQ Science Fiction movie “Metanoia”. In the film, the mysterious package appears at the front door of a newlywed couple whose relationship has already become somewhat fragile. The Cast includes the well-known Mexican model Jessica Decote.

The next major win for Ariel Lavi was “Dangerous Silence”, which he produced and wrote while Adetoyi Adeyinka was the director. The film is a short story of three people caught in a vicious cycle of deceit and sexual exploitation and features Olaide Almaroof Otega Igho and Jemima Adeyenka.

The film received the film ten awards and was nominated six times. It was shown across Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Toronto, Nigeria, Mauritius, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, and Sydney.

Interviewed across the Globe

Following that, the actor began his profession in the field of film industry. Lavi has also been interviewed in magazines and radio stations across the globe, which includes The US, China, and the UK, Italy, Dubai and many more.

Lavi was interviewed by Grammy-winning singer and performer on Broadway, David Serero, in his show on the radio, “The Culture News”, and by Grammy-nominated Yaya Diamond.

Despite his impressive record, Lavi strives for excellence and has many exciting projects planned. His commitment to his craft and collaborative approach to producer ensure that he’ll remain an important film player for many years.

Ambitions and Objectives

Actor Ariel Lavi has significant goals for the future. He aspires to work in Bollywood and Hollywood and desires to appear in all kinds of films. The goal of Ariel Lavi is to help to formulate original movies and TV shows for Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

He wants to raise the bar for the industry and has numerous scripts in the works. The amount of ingenuity being poured into the film industry is limitless. Ariel Lavi is prepared to compete with his fair share of imagination and brilliance. Ariel Lavi’s sharp eye for quality and dedication to his art has made him an influential person in cinema.

Worked On Such a Massive Scale

There are many methods of analyzing the talents of an artist. However, the most trusted is the geographic area where Lavi has worked. In this respect, Ariel Lavi has may have worked on such a massive scale that the majority of his peers may have yet to do work on. He has created a film in the USA, Mexico Nigeria, Nigeria, the UAE and Canada.

There is no denying that Ariel is still a young professional. His movies have literally shown in cinemas across the world, from Mauritius to Los Angeles, and they have won and over 64 Awards.

His success within the film business is due to his love of storytelling and unwavering commitment to his work. His films have captivated viewers worldwide, while his efforts have also been praised with the respect of some of the high quality film festivals and organizations in the field.


Ultimately, Ariel Lavi is a multi-talented professional Film Producer whose dedication and commitment led to an impressive career in the film industry. With his distinctive vision and dedication to making high-quality films, Lavi will continue to create a lasting impact in the field for many years.  

With his remarkable experience and commitment to producing films of high quality, Ariel Lavi is a rising star in film production, and his prospects in the field are bright.

In the world of movies, Ariel Lavi is a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to his skill for assembling brilliant creative and making blockbuster movies. We are eager to just see what he has in store for us next as moviegoers.