Best Employee Tools To Enhance Business Productivity

By  //  April 26, 2023

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To stay competitive in today’s fast-paced environment, companies need to make sure their employees have the right tools. The use of innovative employee tools can help streamline workflows, increase collaboration, and improve overall efficiency.

These tools can range from communication and project management software to time-tracking and automation tools. 

Choosing the right employee tools can have a significant impact on your company’s success and growth. In this article, we will explore some of the best employee tools available on the market that can help enhance business productivity.

The best employee tools for boosting productivity

Utilize Google Docs

Google Docs comes first on our list for remote employees to record and update their productivity. Google Docs can boost collaboration and remote teamwork for your employees. Multiple people can edit a document simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency. It offers real-time feedback and comments, streamlining communication and reducing delays. Version history allows tracking changes and progress on a document in Google Docs. You can access Google Docs from anywhere, which promotes flexibility and productivity. It integrates with other Google tools like Google Drive and Gmail, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Customized Worksheets (Like Google Spreadsheet)

Worksheets like Google Spreadsheets can enhance productivity by allowing remote workers real-time collaboration capabilities. This tool enables employees to update the same document simultaneously, avoiding multiple versions. It also provides an option for employers to track employee progress and identify areas of improvement. With its built-in formulas and charts, this tool can help your team analyze data more effectively. Besides that, it can integrate with other business tools and provide third-party add-ons. Worksheets can help remote workers streamline their workflow, increase productivity and accuracy, and achieve better results.

Virtual Private Network

Through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), remote workers can access company resources, including sensitive data. VPNs encrypt the data sent between the user and the server, protecting it from cyber criminal interception. This security feature also ensures data confidentiality, allowing employees to work with peace of mind. Additionally, VPNs can enhance productivity by providing remote workers with access to resources not available otherwise, such as specialized software or the company intranet. It means employees can work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in higher productivity for the company.

Private Messaging System 

Effective communication is crucial for remote teams. Private messaging apps can help improve communication, collaboration, and productivity. These tools allow remote workers to share information, ask questions, and discuss work-related matters without sending countless emails or scheduling unnecessary meetings. Moreover, you’ll get additional features such as file sharing, video and voice calls, and integration with other productivity apps, all in one platform. Private messaging also fosters a sense of community and belonging among remote team members, which can positively impact employee engagement and job satisfaction. By using private messaging effectively, remote workers can stay connected, informed, and productive.

Browser Toolbar

A browser toolbar can improve productivity by providing quick access to frequently used tools and websites. It eliminates the need for manually opening new tabs, which can save valuable time. Additionally, some browser toolbars can block distracting websites, helping remote workers stay focused. With the right toolbar, remote workers can streamline their workflows and get more done in less time, ultimately increasing their productivity.

Employee Performance Tracking Software

Employee monitoring software like Controlio can provide insights into employee performance, productivity, and behavior. Employers can make sure remote workers stay focused on work and don’t waste time on non-work stuff. By monitoring employee computers and time spent on various tasks, employers can identify areas for improvement and implement measures to increase productivity. 

Monitoring has its benefits, but employees’ privacy concerns need to be balanced. The employer should make sure that monitoring software is used ethically and transparently.

Inspire Employees To Use Mobile Apps To Boost Productivity

With mobile apps like Memo and Notepad, remote workers can take quick notes, create to-do lists, and set reminders. Employees can use these apps to capture and manage ideas, tasks, and deadlines, even on the go. Furthermore, many note-taking apps have built-in collaboration features so you can collaborate and share notes together, improving teamwork. Mobile apps help remote workers manage their workflow and stay organized, so they’re more efficient and focused, which leads to better results.


In today’s digital age, the right employee tools can make all the difference in business productivity. From VPNs to employee monitoring software, and from mobile apps to browser toolbars, remote workers have plenty of options.

With these tools, businesses can streamline their workflows, improve communication, and achieve better collaboration, resulting in increased productivity.