CBD for Pain Management: Can Cannabidiol Help You Find Relief?

By  //  April 27, 2023

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The ability of CBD to relieve pain has been noticed a while ago, and it’s a great natural alternative to traditional pain medications. Pain relief is just one of the health benefits of CBD, and many people turn to it exactly for that.

But how does it work in the body and how to use it safely and effectively? Continue reading to find out.

How Does CBD Work?

Speaking of the health benefits of CBD, it’s necessary to mention the endocannabinoid system of the body. It plays a huge role in mood, appetite, sleep regulation, pain sensation, and other body functions. There’s a variety of cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes, breaking down cannabinoids.

CBD products come in many forms, including oils, capsules, topicals, and edibles like delta 9 live rosin. CBD products interact with the ECS by binding to cannabinoid receptors. It affects the levels of neurotransmitters that are responsible for pain perception and inflammation, and it, in turn, leads to pain relief. 

Research on CBD for Pain Relief

There’s growing evidence that CBD can be beneficial for managing different types of pain. According to various studies, CBD is effective for pain relief, including chronic pain related to multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia. Also, it’s well-tolerated, and the number of side effects are quite small.

There’s research proving that CBD applied topically in a cream can reduce pain and inflammation in rats with arthritis. Even though such research was conducted on animals, there’s still a promising potential for the effectiveness of CBD in humans.

Moreover, another study in the Journal of Pain Research discovered that CBD oil was helpful for people with chronic pain conditions, reducing pain and improving quality of life.

How to Use CBD for Pain Management

Don’t forget to talk to a healthcare specialist if you’re planning to use CBD for pain relief. It can help you determine the proper dosage and ensure that there won’t be any interaction with any other medications you’re taking.

Before turning to CBD products, make sure you choose a high-quality product for your specific needs. Also, ensure the potency and purity of products by turning to brands that do third-party lab testing.

Start with a low dose of CBD products because the full onset of effects can take some time. You can gradually increase it to get to the desired effects, just be consistent with your dosing schedule. 

Risks and Side Effects

In general, CBD is safe, but there are side effects that have been noted by some people, so they’re worth mentioning. They include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite or weight

Also, it was already mentioned that CBD can interact with certain medications. So if you take any prescription or over-the-counter medications, make sure you consult with a healthcare specialist.


CBD is a beneficial option for managing chronic pain. Even though the research is in early stages, many people note the health effects, so the potential of CBD is quite promising.

In order to get the best out of CBD consumption, it’s important to talk with a medical specialist and choose a reliable supplier. It can help you add CBD to your daily routine and improve your life.