Detroit Lions Appoints New Head Athletic Trainer Towards the Start of the Season

By  //  April 5, 2023

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The Detroit Lions have shaken things up by appointing Michael Sundeen as their new head athletic trainer.

While it’s uncertain why the team is parting ways with Kevin Bastin, who served two separate stints from 2014-2019 and 2021-2022, Bastin posted a heartfelt message on his Linkedin page this past Saturday in what appears to be his farewell post. 

With an intriguing change of pace coming into play for the franchise, only time will tell whether or not these moves pay off – we strongly believe that this will influence Detroit Lions’ upcoming odds and game in the season.

After a successful stint in the NFL, I’m now stepping away. As grateful and fulfilling as this experience has been, it’s time to move on – but with immense gratitude for my colleagues who made my journey possible: Athletic Trainers, Equipment Managers Ground Crews, Finance Staff & Team Physicians! However, most of all – endless love goes out to family (especially the wife!) Thank goodness he always looks after us – just need faith that his plan will be revealed at the right moment.

Sundeen has been patiently waiting in the wings, but his time to shine is now! After joining the Broncos’ athletic training team back in 2014, he’s finally stepped up as head trainer after working with Vince Garcia since 2017. Who knows what greatness awaits?

After enduring their fair share of injuries in the past couple of seasons, the Lions are aiming to get healthy this year. They’re on a mission to improve their medical team after hiring Brett Fischer as director of player health and performance. With his credentials as an acclaimed Physical Therapist Consultant, they’ve brought onboard just what they need for a healthier season.

The NFL Players Association recently released the grades for each team, and it looks like Detroit’s got work to do in their training room and nutrition departments. Currently holding a D+ on Training Room conditions & an even lower grade of D- on food service/nutrition, President Rod Wood is taking steps to make sure these areas get some much-needed TLC…and that means bringing in former Broncos Head Athletic Trainer Steve Fischer! Let’s go Lions – here’s hopin’ they turn those low scores around soon enough.

It was clear Wood wanted to up the ante with dining support and training for players, so he acted quickly by bringing on Brett Fisher as part of his response. Now they’ve got a great program in place that’s sure to please everyone. Sundeen’s experience as an NFL-level athletic trainer for over 10 years brings a much-needed boost of knowledge and expertise to the staff – just what we need.