Get a Chinese Multichannel Virtual Number and Use Call Tracking Together With Other Options

By  //  April 28, 2023

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A virtual number can turn into a real assistant, able to get rid of the classic examples of telephony and completely switch to flexible modern tools.

The noted option is incredibly popular among modern companies because the number allows getting many additional bonuses together with the ability to communicate with customers via the Internet. It is worth highlighting a few of them: the multichannel and call tracking.

Freezvon Company presents the opportunity to buy Chinese virtual phone numbers and solutions from many other European and Asian countries. However, it’s easy to cooperate with an organization and choose all the options you need. Specialists can also recommend some additional moments but, as was said before, let’s pay attention to 2 of the most essential and popular features.

Multichannel option

A multichannel number is a virtual business number to which internal lines (channels) are connected. This allows you to receive many incoming calls to the same number at the same time. Virtual numbers can be easily made multichannel. Such types are usually in the following situations.

  • For commercial purposes

Mentioned numbers allow you to accept an increased number of applications from customers during seasonal promotions and other marketing activities. Customers will not hear busy signals and their numbers will not be lost among dozens of others even during the increase of the load on the sales department.

  • For support services/hotline

Multichannel numbers allow you to simultaneously serve and receive requests from a large number of clients on technical or organizational issues, including people from different regions of China.

  • For general maintenance

Multichannel numbers are a solution for organizing a single business number for contacting the company. It is recognizable for customers and can be unified for a specific region or all of China.

Call tracking feature

Call tracking shows which offline and online sources customers call most often. This allows you to significantly reduce the advertising budget and the cost of the call. It’s an indispensable tool that allows you to distribute your advertising budget as efficiently as possible. This feature determines everything starting from where the client called from (search engine, contextual, or offline advertising) up to the key request. It helps to find out which channels work best and make the most of your budget.

Static call tracking

The phone number in static call tracking is assigned to a specific source (street billboards, and various media), which keeps track of the number of calls.

A separate phone number is purchased for each source. Thus, it becomes very easy to track which source brings the most hits. It’s often used in offline advertising (print media, banners, or flyers) and online advertising when it is not necessary to check the effectiveness of each key request.

Dynamic call tracking

It assigns an individual number to each site visitor (for 15-20 minutes), which allows you to analyze calls from each visitor and collect information about their behavior.

It’s also possible to find out about key queries from which they went to the site. This solution accurately determines the advertising source, shows UTM tags, and the call page. It’s rather useful in such situations when deep (end-to-end) advertising analytics is required.

What are you getting?

  • Detailed information on each application, accurate to the keyword and click history of the client.
  • Fixed orders from all major sources.
  • A complete set of data for BI analysis.
  • A clear portrait of the client and the decision-making time before the application.
  • Sales funnel in dynamics for each day.
  • A complete picture of customer interactions with your company when integrating with CRM.

It’s worth noting that all the above-mentioned options are greatly customized and Freezvon Company specialists will do their best to reach the set goal.

By the way, virtual numbers offer not only call tracking and multichannel possibilities but also lots of additional benefits, which are presented on the Freezvon website.