Melbourne Police Commander Cheryl Trainer Retires After 26 Years of Dedicated Service

By  //  April 2, 2023

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Melbourne Police Commander Cheryl Trainer has retired after 26 years of dedicated service to the community. (Melbourne PD image)

BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – Melbourne Police Commander Cheryl Trainer has retired after 26 years of dedicated service to the community.

“Congratulations Commander Cheryl Trainer on an extraordinary 26 years of service at the Melbourne Police Department,” said a Melbourne Police spokesperson.

“Words cannot even begin to describe the impact you have made in the agency, the community, and mostly the hearts of your peers who have had the honor of working with you. Wishing you all the happiness on your next adventure.”

“You will be missed. Thank you for your service.”

Melbourne Police Department Overview

David Gillespie is the Chief of Police of the Melbourne Police Department. The Deputy Chief of Police oversees day-to-day operations. Four Commanders oversee the Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Support Services, Special Operations divisions.

The department has 169 Sworn Officers, 67 Non-Sworn Civilian Personnel and 23 Part-Time Crossing Guards.

Patrol Division

The Commander of this Division is responsible for all patrol functions throughout the City of Melbourne. The patrol function is all encompassing and includes the use of the police K-9 unit.

Patrol officer in car

K-9 Unit

The Melbourne Police Department K-9 Unit employs police officers with specialized skills and highly trained K-9s to support the department in meeting its law enforcement mission. K-9 teams track and locate missing or wanted persons, locate evidence or lost property, apprehend fleeing or combative fugitives, and pinpoint hidden contraband or explosive devices.

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation of major crimes, vice and narcotic crimes, and follow-up investigation of other felonious crimes. To accomplish its mission to investigate and solve felony crimes, the Division is divided into three focused units. These are Criminal Investigations, Crime Scene Investigation, and Special Investigations Unit. The division includes 30 detectives and detective supervisors, five crime scene investigators, and other technical and support personnel.

Criminal Investigations Division staff group picture

Community Services Division

The Community Services Division is responsible for multiple functions within the Melbourne Police Department.  The Community Services Division encompasses the Strategic Traffic Enforcement Unit, Community Resource Officers, Community Service Officers, Recruiting, and all the volunteer functions. The Commander of this Division is also the primary Public Information Officer for the department. The Strategic Traffic Unit consists of motor officers and traffic enforcement officers.

Melbourne Police Officer reading to young children in a classroom.Crisis Negotiation Unit

Crisis Negotiation Unit provides support to other elements of the Department in hostage/barricaded/suicidal subject(s) situations, through the deployment of specially trained officers skilled in crisis management and hostage negotiations. These specially trained officers will respond to incidents involving, or potentially involving, a high risk to the public, police officers, or suspects. Our goal during these incidents is attaining a peaceful resolution through communication.


The Melbourne Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.) is a lifesaving unit with an emphasis on resolving incidents in the safest manner possible. The primary duties of the team are high-risk warrant service and counter narcotics operations. The team has been involved in numerous joint operations with the Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Secret Service, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and local Law Enforcement agencies.
Dive Rescue Team

The Melbourne Police Department Dive Rescue Unit team is responsible for underwater investigations, evidence collection, victim rescue and recovery, conveyance recovery, and other waterborne police operations as required. The team also provides water-related education to the public upon request.
Marine Patrol

MPD has designated marine patrol officers who are assigned to waterway patrols. Some of the call-outs are completed in conjunction with other agencies, including the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and the Coast Guard. The Department may also be called upon to deal with homeland security issues related to the two main causeways in Melbourne, and can be involved in port and inlet security activities including the boarding of suspicious boats. Marine activities include patrols of canals in order to provide a police presence for homeowners and decrease waterfront crimes.

Melbourne Police Marine Rescue Courtesy of Florida Today

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division provides the staff and line function of the department with training and logistical support. This division includes Information Services, which oversees the Records Section, Communications Center, and the Training Office.

Communications Center

The MPD Communications Center serves a critical function, handling 130,000 calls to 911 and 1 million push-to-talk radio calls each year. Communication officers and dispatchers are the single link of our police officers and fire fighters, monitoring activities by radio and providing vital information to ensure their safety. The Communications Center receives, classifies, and prioritizes calls from the public and dispatches the calls that require police and/or fire/rescue response, and transfers and/or directs calls that do not require police response to the proper agency/unit. The Communications Center is a 24-hour operation, providing service seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

Three Communication Center employees looking at monitors

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