Tracking Your Colis: How to Stay Updated on Your Shipments

By  //  April 23, 2023

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Consumers today rely on the Internet for most of their everyday necessities. Whether clothing items, groceries, or anything else, consumers turn to online shopping to fulfill their needs. However, the rising number of online purchases makes it necessary to have an accurate parcel tracking system. 

Delivery delays can lead to a lack of customer satisfaction and negatively impact the brand. And that is the last thing any delivery business in different industries would want. In the wake of cut-throat competition, it is more than necessary for businesses to focus on shipment tracking.

Why Tracking Your Colis Is Essential for a Smooth Delivery

If your business continues to grow, then you will need more resources and effort to ensure you provide the same level of services. Consumers globally are now incorporating the concept of on-demand delivery. And tracking your Colis is an integral part of the delivery services. 

Businesses need to focus on real-time delivery to get a competitive edge over others. With an effective parcel tracking system, business owners can deliver more quickly, efficiently, and smartly. As a result, it will allow the business to cut costs while improving the overall customer experience.

The Different Methods of Tracking Your Colis

Tracking your Colis and staying updated with the shipment can help business streamline their delivery processes. Not just that, but it can also ensure that customer satisfaction levels are met. Today there are different tools, apps, and technologies that you can choose from for shipment tracking.  

However, each one offers a different set of features. So, it is best to go through their features and decide which would suit your business. Choosing the right app or tool for tracking your Colis will be beneficial for your business as well as its customers. 

If you aren’t sure about the real-time tracking software features to choose from, then here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Update you about your delivery staff
  • Offer clear visibility of the vehicle 
  • Make sure that the tools are easy to integrate with other systems 
  • It should allow you to optimize the routes
  • Electronic proof of delivery

An effective real-time Colis tracking system helps businesses to provide better customer support. They can tell customers about the delivery status of their products. It also enhances business clarity since they know how the driver performs. They can also know about the delivery status — whether it is completed or in transit.

Tips for Effective Colis Tracking: From Shipping to Delivery

Effective Colis tracking starts even before the shipment process. So, before you ship a product, you need to generate an identification number for it. That way, you can make the parcel traceable for the business. Nowadays, most Colis come with barcodes containing all the package information. 

Once that barcode is generated, you can use a barcode scanner to scan the parcel and update its history on the system. Businesses can also make this information accessible to their customers. That way, they can track packages in real time. The product’s delivery status will be updated when it is: 

  • Ready for delivery 
  • Delivered to another courier agency 
  • Received by another courier agency 
  • Sent out for delivery to the customer

Once it reaches the final destination, the product will be scanned for the last time. Besides tracking the parcel, you should also know the driver’s location. Advancements in GPS systems make it easy for businesses to know the exact location of the driver and the ETAs. 

Wrapping Up 

Tracking your Colis and staying updated on your shipments can help you provide optimal customer support services. Not just that, but it also ensures you have a clear idea of where your products are going.