All You Need to Know About Pre-Shipment Inspection

By  //  May 21, 2023

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Pre-shipment inspection is a vital step for manufacturers that involves verifying the quality, quantity, and specifications of any goods before they are shipped.

Also known as PSI, it is a process designed to protect both the suppliers and the receiving company. It ensures that the goods meet the required quality standards. This way, industry requirements are fulfilled for easy transport of the products.

PSI is a recognized step in the international trade that shipping represents. It ensures that the goods comply with regulatory requirements for shipping from one country to the other. The services of a reputable third-party inspection company like EC Global Inspection are best employed for this. This article explores all you need to know about pre-shipment inspection, including its importance and what it entails.

Importance of Pre-shipment Inspection with a Reputable Company

The inspection company whose services are employed is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of preparations for the pre-shipment process. For many reasons, it is imperative to make the right choice. These include the following:


This is a vital requirement for choosing a third-party inspection company to ensure accuracy in the pre-shipment process. Having the right experience in international trade is necessary to ensure that all the regulations regarding shipping are observed. Choose an inspection company with a wealth of experience in your industry and shipping your type of goods. With decades of experience, EC Global has the necessary expertise and knowledge to identify potential risks that are specific to different types of products. Our work is recognized across various fields, from the automotive to the electrical electronics and food industry.


The inspection company must have the right accreditation from recognized authorities to carry out its operations. Without this, shipments tend to be done through dubious means that can leave them exposed to loss or damage. Look for aquality inspection company that is accredited by a credible certification body, such as IAF or ISO. Licensing by such bodies ensures that it follows international standards and guidelines for quality management and competence. Better still, you can choose EC Global Inspection. We are accredited by top certification bodies that enable us to efficiently bridge the gap across multiple countries.


The level of transparency of the chosen inspection company determines the effectiveness of the supply chain to an extent. Without this significant quality, the communication necessary to improve the production process is rendered ineffective. Every thriving business needs a reliable third-party company that offers clear and transparent communication throughout the inspection process. Such is especially needed to provide a more informed review of the scope, methods, and fees. This helps to avoid the unnecessary disputes that tend to arise from including hidden costs or not having clear communication channels.

Benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection

Conducting pre-shipment inspection offers several benefits to the parties involved in manufacturing and supplying a given product. These include the following:

Compliance with Regulations

Having products that comply with the required standards and specifications is necessary for any business hoping to make a sale. Quality inspection is the best way to make sure the supplied goods have been made according to the industry’s specific requirements. These include the relevant regulations regarding safety, health, and the environment. Having the right hands taking care of pre-shipment inspection ensures your company receives standard products that fulfill your expectations. It also helps the manufacturers avoid any disputes that can arise from non-conformity.

Mitigating Risk

The ability to recognize defects in products at an early stage can help to reduce manufacturing costs and extra expenses arising from rework and recalls. This is because there are several things to pay attention to when making a product, including packaging and labeling. Omitting the right information or proper design can lead to unimaginable expenses, asides from the actual manufacturing costs. A pre-shipment inspection helps to identify any other potential risks and issues in the supply chain. These include defects and deviations from the requirements that may have slipped through the other inspection processes. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Pre-shipment inspection improves the supply chain, which is necessary to facilitate smoother shipping of the right products from the suppliers. This is because it entails transparency and accountability, qualities that can help to build trust between your company and the suppliers. Basically, pre-shipment inspection makes it easier to develop the consistency necessary to have quality items available for sale at all times. This way, brand reputation can be maintained and customers satisfied. 

Pre-shipment Inspection Process

There are several steps entailed in carrying out a pre-shipment inspection. These tend to vary based on the industry, product type, and the country where the delivery is expected. Generally, PSI entails the following:

  • It begins with an inspection request sent to an authorized company like EC Global Inspection. This contains information regarding the type and scope of quality inspection to be carried out.
  • Once we receive your request, we contact the supplier to schedule an appointment. This is usually expected to be carried out a few days in advance.
  • After creating a viable appointment, we send inspectors to visit the warehouse premises to examine the products, their packaging, and documentation. By using the necessary tools and methods, our inspectors verify their quality, quantity, and compliance with regulations.
  • From these observations, our inspectors come up with a detailed report of the process data. This is reviewed and approved or rejected, depending on the product quality.
  • After our work is done, we provide a certificate of inspection, which is proof of compliance with the relevant quality standards.


Pre-shipment inspection is a vital international trade practice for making viable shipments. It is a process that helps to affirm information about the goods before they are shipped.

PSI offers significant benefits to the parties involved in the manufacturing process. It enables companies and suppliers to mitigate risks by ensuring compliance and customer satisfaction.

To enjoy the benefits of this process, secure the services of a reputable and reliable third-party inspection company like EC Global Inspection. We provide experienced personnel who help your business follow international standards to achieve success.