Change Of Rules? Brevard County Changes Cementing The Nightlife

By  //  May 13, 2023

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There’s big news afoot as Orlando leaders have sought to put new rules into place for Brevard County.

As Fox Orlando highlights, this includes the need for bars to have a special permit that will allow them to stay open until 2 a.m., but necessitate the use of metal detectors, ID scanners, and additional police officers. While this will mean change for many bars, it will also make the nightlife scene even safer – and more fun. That’s in addition to the amazing experiences that Brevard County natives can have at home.

Glitz and glamour

Brevard County is well supported by a thriving and high-class gambling economy. Events such as the Viera Voice highlighted Diamond Royale brings together a sense of classic Las Vegas style and the fun of gambling. Furthermore, for those that like to stay home and enjoy their company there, there are plenty of digital offerings that can create a great night-in. Relaxations in state and national gambling rules means that you can enjoy games from across the world, now, including New Zealand Online Casino and Canadian Online Gaming.  There are fewer better places than Florida to enjoy the scenery at home while also enjoying yourself, and online offerings produce that opportunity.

Something more natural

For those that aren’t interested in drinking and nightclubs, or casinos, there are more family-friendly nights out available, according to Gotta Go Orlando. Events are happening year-round. Mid-April will see the Melbourne Blueberry Fest, which combines loads of daytime fun with nighttime events, perfect for families, couples, and individuals who want something more laid-back.

Enjoying the music

Alongside the nightlife, Brevard County has quietly started to generate a buzzing music scene. Everything from country to blues, to rock, can be heard across bars on the Space Coast, including Baroos Beachside Bar, Crickets, and Crossroads. The Brevard area is giving a huge amount of inspiration to musicians and looking to threaten the musical hegemony of the neighboring states and counties. Diversity is always good, and a sound that’s being created from the local area will be one to cherish.

Brevard County is making changes to the law which will make its nightlife safer. Don’t feel like you need to solely focus on drinking and clubs, though. There’s plenty to get your teeth into in Brevard County, regardless of what your tastes are, and that’s what makes the local area such a vibrant one.