How to Prepare for the Bar Exam, According to The Property Advocates

By  //  May 20, 2023

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To become a lawyer, you must pass the bar exam. The test is very rigorous and takes a lot of hard work and preparation, according to The Property Advocates.

While it’s important to create your own study and preparation schedule before the bar exam, you can follow some basic tips to be more successful. 

Below are some of the best ways to prepare for the bar exam.

Set Aside Time

Setting aside enough time to study for the bar exam is the most important aspect of your preparation. The National Jurist, for instance, suggests that most law students must study for roughly 400 hours. Half of that should be dedicated to learning actual law, with the rest dedicated to focusing on practice questions for the exam.

The best tip, then, is to work backward from your exam date to figure out how and when you will study. Of course, you’ll need to factor in whether you plan to study on a part- or full-time basis. 

You may need to start preparing for the bar exam months before the actual test date.

Use a Study Aid, or Two

One great part about the bar exam is that there are plenty of study aids available that can help you prepare for the test. Kaplan, Barbri, AdaptiBar, and the National Conference of Bar Examiners produced four of the most popular ones.

Some free resources are available from some sources, while others are paid services. Research what you are looking for in outside support and cater your study plan and budget to that.

Prepare for Every Part of the Bar Exam

There are multiple components to the bar exam, and each takes different skills to complete successfully. As such, it’s important to approach each section in a targeted way. 

Most bar exams will have a section for multiple choice answers, essay writing, and a performance exam. You can practice for each of these sections through samples available online.

A good idea is to research previous exams to see examples of what questions, topics, and approaches you can take.

Study with Someone Else

According to The Property Advocates, it can sometimes help to study with a partner. If you know someone else preparing for the bar exam, you could team up for certain aspects of your preparation.

You don’t have to get together and study in person for every hour of your preparation. But, you could set a unified schedule that could help you stay on track and motivated to keep pushing through when you’re feeling burnt out.

Having a study partner will keep you on task and help you retain the information better, as you have conversations about the material rather than just trying to memorize it.

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