Latest Summer Destination Wedding Trends For 2024

By  //  May 15, 2023

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Want to make your big day as memorable as possible?  A destination wedding is exactly what you need. 

When you think of a summer wedding, you may envision white sand on both sides of the aisle, accompanied by a gorgeous backdrop of the sand and ocean converging. 

Or maybe you’re more of a resort and indoor activities kind of person, where the blues of the pools add a splash of color to mostly white-themed wedding decor.

In any case, summer weddings have one thing in common: beat the heat!

  1. Welcome Gifts

Your guests will be arriving at your chosen accommodation for at least a one-night stay, that’s why you should prepare a welcome beach bag for them. 

Include some essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, and perhaps an aloe vera pouch for sunburns…

  1. On-Theme Itinerary

Wedding gifts, pictures, memorabilia – they’re all part of the experience and the memories. 

As such, spend a bit extra time and effort into making summer-themed wedding invitations with a list of events that will occur throughout your wedding event such as pre-parties, receptions, picnics, etc.

  1. Daytime Weddings Are Just As Cute

Or just single-day weddings. Your event does not have to drag on for multiple days if that is not your style. 

After all everyone has their own busy schedules, so it’s much easier to take out time for one day rather than two or three.  

There are some very good single-day wedding arrangements with amazing deals and packages, especially for Cancun weddings

  1. Ice Cream & Bar

It’s summer, the heat is at its peak and the event is nowhere near over. No one wants to be a party pooper but can you blame them for seeking out the comfort of their cool rooms in his heat?

To prevent a disappointing no-show at your ceremonies, make sure there are plenty of cooling refreshments for your guests to enjoy as the event takes place. Also, don’t have your wedding staff wear suffocating attire, it’s so not cool to make servers suffer in the heat in the name of “aesthetics”.

  1. There Can Never Be Enough Colors

Traditional weddings going all white? Understandable. 

But if you are thinking of following that same theme at the beach or poolside your wedding will be an epic flop in the hearts of the people and ever yourselves when you see how everyone else does it. 

Bring out your love for nature, plants, animals, and fruits and become the tropical island king or queen you’ve dreamt of being whilst making your dream wedding come true.

  1. Go All Out With The Fun Times

We did say that one-day weddings are just as cute, but if you are going to call over the guests for more than just a day then you’ll need to have things for them to do while they are here. 

Make the most out of summer and include all the classics while celebrating the happy union between two souls, people, and families. Take advantage of everyone being here and treat it as a grand reunion. 


Aren’t weddings such a hassle? Cater to yourself, cater to the guests, cater to the server… but it’s a memorable moment in your life and it’s one you want to celebrate with the people who mean the most to you, who will support you on your special day. 

If you are inclined towards having a summer wedding then you have to be mindful of the weather conditions in your chosen destination and decide the duration and activities of your event based on that. 

After all that, have fun with the event planning and participating and have a wonderful celebration of your happily ever after.