Making a Living Online: Remote Opportunities with Great Pay

By  //  May 10, 2023

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The Internet is full of job opportunities; you just need to find the ones that suit you the best. The prospect of finding suitable online jobs is increasing and changing all the time.

Online working has become increasingly popular since the recent events of the Covid-19 pandemic, where almost the entire world was working online.

These days, people can find plenty of legitimate, work-from-home opportunities. with a variety of work schedules to suit their needs. Most online gigs come with flexible working hours; you just need to get the job done within the given timeframe.

So, how can you make a living online? That’s why we are here. We will provide information and insights on several remote working opportunities where you can earn great pay. If you have the skills and desire to become a remote worker, this is the article for you!

Getting Started

Here are some real ways to make money online and advance your career to the next level. So, let’s get started!

Social Media

You will find all sorts of social media opportunities where you can earn from platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, OnlyFans, Facebook, or webcamming.

TikTok offers several options for earning:

  • TikTok Creator Fund
  • Collecting virtual gifts when going live on the platform or when performing a “match” with somebody
  • Partnering with other influencers
  • Selling merch

OnlyFans has a different approach regarding content creation and earning potential. It’s a social media platform that’s based on subscriptions. This means fans will have to pay a certain monthly fee to access their favorite content creators’ channels. However, not all OnlyFans models decide to put their content behind a paywall; plenty of them offer free content.

If you do your research well regarding OnlyFans, you will see that the explicit content and hashtags like MILF OnlyFans models, OnlyFans big tits, and teen OnlyFans are among the most popular and most searched. However, you don’t need to focus and kick off your career in the pornographic niche. There are plenty of niches to choose from when you create your OnlyFans profile.

Explore topics like traveling, cooking, educational stuff, or even lifestyle tips and advice. All of these can be great for creating quality content and attracting the right target audience. 

One way to earn money on Instagram is to get creative so that you can get paid for the work you do. You can partner with your brands and get sponsorships, join an affiliate marketing company, or go big with the Badges when going live on the platform. You can even sell merch on Instagram and get the support of your loyal fans and followers.

Content Writing

Content writing is a lucrative online opportunity where you can earn quite decent amounts. One of the best ways to start making money as a content writer is by blogging. If blogging is your cup of tea, and you feel confident in your writing skills, then you can aim for something as big as your own blog. Choose your niche and target audience, set a clear goal, be consistent, and interact with your readers. 

Another way to earn as a content writer is ghostwriting. This is the type of writing where you write on behalf of someone else. For instance, someone can hire you to develop an idea or write a book or short story for them.

Copywriting is another direction you can follow within the content writing field.


Transcribing video or audio files is another work-from-home opportunity that can get you the financial freedom you’ve always wanted. The likelihood of earning great pay from transcribing will depend on the client you work for and the speed of your typing.

Check out sites like Scribie, Transcribe Anywhere, Rev, Speechpad, and Go Transcript for potential work opportunities. Transcription jobs are great as side hustle gigs, but you can also turn it into a full-time career if you see yourself in this position.

Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is increasing by the day. A virtual assistant is someone who will perform basic tasks like customer support, administration, scheduling, taking care of emails, organizing events, and many more.

Consider some of the steps below before you start your career as a virtual assistant:

  • Determine the scope of your services – decide what type of services you’ll provide, whether it’s data entry, social media management, research, translation, or others
  • Build a portfolio
  • Create your website to showcase your previous work
  • Network to find business opportunities – join online forums and communities, a professional association, or attend a local networking event
  • Join freelance sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr or e-commerce platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon to find potential clients.

Start Applying

Prepare your CV, sharpen up your skills and start applying. Now is the time to find that online remote opportunity to boost your income.