New Concierge Services Bring Value to Commercial and Home Environments

By  //  May 19, 2023

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Although many hoteliers have economized over the past couple of years by reducing their cleaning services, hotel groups and resorts are keeping competitors at bay by reinstating housekeeping and other services.

Disney World Hotels, based largely in Florida and California, are one of the chains that has recognized the importance of regular and effective cleaning in making guests feel well looked after on vacation. Reliable guest services are expected in hotels but they are generally considered more of a luxury when they are offered in housing communities. However, more householders are independently turning to external concierge services in order to better manage their everyday life.  In commercial properties too, companies are offering employees improved amenities and more effective workplace cleaning practices in order to draw them back to the office.

 Services for Homeowners from Independent Providers

In a domestic setting, a concierge can help householders to manage a variety of tasks and errands, from arranging transport to finding a good cleaner. Two owners of companies that manage HOA communities in Tampa and throughout California agree that it is usually in more affluent communities where concierge services such as cleaning are offered by the housing association. However, it’s not necessary to live in a high-end apartment block to benefit from the services provided by an onsite concierge. Homeowners in all types of property are increasingly looking to independent providers for services such as cleaning and grocery delivery in order to free themselves from everyday chores. From a turnover service in a vacation property to a regular house clean, help with domestic housekeeping San Diego allows residents to relax and focus on other aspects of their life.  

Hotel-Type Amenities Attract Employees to the Office

Just as hotel chains are upgrading their housekeeping services, commercial real estate developers are incorporating the sort of amenities found at hotels in order to entice workers back into the office. Employees have become accustomed to working in the comfort of their own home, but it is hoped that the addition of hotel facilities to the workplace could encourage them to leave their home office behind. A concierge service more traditionally found in a luxury apartment block or hotel can be used to make restaurant bookings or help to organize a team building experience, while attractive and unique meeting spaces add diversity to the working environment and allow for greater flexibility for employees. 

Concierge Services on Campus Support Students

In Florida, concierge services are now even being extended to students at the University of Tampa and the South Tampa area.  A local woman has set up a small business currently helping around 300 students with everyday tasks such as sending packages, organizing grocery deliveries and arranging transport to appointments.  As well as helping students on a day to day basis, the service arranges for one off deliveries such as birthday surprises from their families.

A range of locations are benefiting from new concierge services, from extra housekeeping in homes and hotels to help with everyday tasks in the workplace.