Why Tennis Fans May Find Betting on Tennis a Good Idea

By  //  May 11, 2023

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Played all over the world by millions of people, tennis remains one of the most popular sports on the planet.

The unique nature of two competitors going head-to-head in a gladiatorial sense yet jousting in an aesthetically pleasing fashion – balletic and poised as they dance around the tennis court – makes it a fascinating proposition.

Such is the popularity of tennis that the global calendar has become packed, meaning it can be quite difficult to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the world of tennis for the casual observer. However, having a good understanding of the inner workings of tennis can be hugely beneficial for sports gamblers, as they look through offers at the best tennis bookies to utilise their tennis knowledge to good effect.

With tennis betting a huge part of the global boom in sports betting, there are plenty of opportunities for punters to get stuck into and here is a rundown of how tennis knowledge can be used to good effect when tennis betting:

Worldwide Tennis Calendar

As mentioned, tennis remains one of the most played sports on the planet, as well as one of the most bet-on sports, and bookmakers’ betting offers cover professional tennis events across all corners of the globe.

Inevitably, the Grand Slam events are the key betting points for punters, simply as plenty of bookmakers look to get on board with the biggest tournaments and there is the optimum level of betting traction.

January each year sees the Australian Open take place in Melbourne, an iconic sporting event on the global calendar, which tends to whet the appetite of tennis fans for the year ahead.

Then the Northern Hemisphere summer slowly begins to kick in, with the French Open the next major tournament on the calendar. Taking place at Roland Garros in Paris, the French Open is the only Grand Slam to be played on clay and is the culmination of the European clay court season.

Next up is arguably the most notorious tournament in world tennis, with Wimbledon taking center stage in London. Played on the iconic green grass courts, Wimbledon remains one of the most recognizable sporting events on the planet and it far transcends tennis during the British summer.

The final Grand Slam of the year takes place at the US Open in New York. Another seismic tennis tournament, which attracts the biggest crowds and biggest prize pot of any tennis event globally.

As aforementioned staples within the betting calendar, all the biggest events in world tennis will inevitably attract plenty of betting action but having a more in-depth understanding of tennis can enable players to access more profitable betting markets.

Both the WTA and ATP Tours have weekly tournaments, taking place all over the world – all presenting punters with an opportunity to get stuck into plenty of tennis betting markets.

Being on top of the trends within the world of professional tennis and being able to back particular players when they are in form or if they like the playing surface can be the differential when it comes to punting on tennis.

Live Tennis Betting

In comparison to many other sports, the unique nature of tennis scoring almost lends itself to live betting. For example, if a player loses the first set 6-0, they can, in theory, come back and win the next two sets 6-0, 6-0 to win the match. 

The forced reset of tennis scoring means that betting on the action as it unfolds presents serious opportunities for punters, with the outcome of a previous point in tennis, having no tangible outcome on the next one.

Expert tennis punters have been quick to get on board with live tennis betting and whilst it makes for a more holistic betting experience, there are both opportunities and potential pitfalls when betting on tennis as the action pans out.

Live betting markets on tennis include which player will win the next point and how many games will be won in a set, through to more cut-and-dried markets such as the correct score in the match or whether the match will include a tie-break. 

The self-paced nature of tennis also lends it to live betting, with players able to see each point start and end – enabling them to time their bets accordingly. 


As with any sport, having a solid understanding of how it works professionally is essential when betting on it. However, with tennis, the saturation in the global calendar and the live betting opportunities give punters with an increased tennis knowledge an increased chance of seeing a return when betting on tennis markets.