Can Wood Flooring Help Keep Rooms Warmer?

By  //  June 22, 2023

The winter months can be tough. As the temperature outside plummets, it’s vital that our homes provide us with a warm and comfortable space in which to ride out the worst of this chilly season.

There are various ways to keep warm at home, including turning up the heating and wrapping up in lots of blankets. Are there any interior design choices you can make to help your home stay warm? Could wood flooring, like the options available at, keep the rooms in your house warm and cosy? Find out below.

A Common Misconception

Many people assume that wood floors make for a cold house. This misconception comes from the fact that wood can feel cold underfoot, particularly if you’re not wearing shoes or socks.

This issue can be easily fixed by introducing some soft furnishings to your home. A rug can look fantastic on a wooden floor and has the added bonus of helping keep your feet warm as you walk around.

While the surface of the wood can indeed feel a little chilly, this is misleading, and in fact, wood is far better at keeping rooms warmer than some alternative materials. How is this possible?

Heat Retention

When it comes to keeping the rooms in your home warm, there are few materials better than wood. The reason is that wood is a conductor of heat rather than merely an insulator. What this means is that wood absorbs heat and distributes it instead of just blocking its movement.

The reason wood is such a good conductor of heat is because of something called its thermal mass. Thermal mass refers to a material’s ability to absorb, store, and release heat. Wood has a high thermal mass, making it ideal for keeping the rooms in your house warm through the winter.

Additional Benefits

Having floors constructed out of wood can make your home look amazing. The material is tough, durable, and easy to clean.

Wood’s high thermal mass means that it is excellent at absorbing heat. This makes it the perfect material for keeping the rooms in your house warm. It can also benefit you financially. We’re living through an economic crisis with rising inflation and skyrocketing energy bills. It’s important to be conservative with the energy we use, but this should never come at the expense of our personal health and safety

Having wood floors means that you will not need to keep your heating on for very long. As the floors absorb the heat, you can turn the heating off, and your rooms will stay warm as the wood slowly releases the heat that it has stored.

So, not only do wood floors look great, but they can also effectively keep the rooms in our homes warmer. What’s more, the material’s thermal mass and heat absorption capabilities can see you make savings on your energy bills.


Contrary to popular belief, wood floors can actually help keep your house warm. It’s a fantastic choice of material for those who like to stay cosy during the winter and make savings on their energy bills.