Enhancing Workplace Safety With a Visitor Management System

By  //  June 12, 2023

The right visitor management system can support robust security and compliance without sacrificing efficiency or the overall user experience.

Whether you welcome interviewees, vendors, guests, or contractors, the streamlined check-in process, personalized visitor badges, and automated notifications make for a seamless visit.

In an emergency, you can instantly access a list of everyone onsite through the VMS. This ensures that no one is left behind.

Enhances Security

The primary goal of any business should be the safety and comfort of its people and workplaces. A visitor management system can help keep your office safe from those who do not belong there.

Most buildings receive a steady stream of visitors daily. These include clients visiting for on-site meetings, job applicants interviewing for positions, delivery personnel, contractors, and even employees’ family members. Keeping track of all these people can be challenging, especially without the help of a visitor management system.

Traditional methods of tracking visitor entry and exit leave room for some vulnerabilities and errors. Digital visitor management software eliminates many of these issues by allowing for smoother guest check-in experiences. It also ensures that the information collected is protected from unauthorized users. The digitized platform also makes it easy to filter through records when needed.

Boosts Efficiency

Running a workplace is a time-consuming job. Using a visitor management system helps make it easier for teams to do their work. Instead of relying on a lone person to oversee visitors, they can automate pre-registration, ID verification, check-in and check-out, badge printing, and access control.

A VMS can also help improve the employee experience by making it easy for guests to access meeting rooms. This can be done by displaying meeting room booking information on their custom visitor badge and allowing them to use the same WiFi password as employees.

A VMS can also help businesses streamline processes by adding custom workflows like watching safety videos, signing waivers, etc. This can be done with the help of integration with a company’s HR, IT, and risk management systems. This enables businesses to create a seamless and consistent visitor experience while following strict information security and health-security standards.

Saves Time

In addition to reducing manual processes, a VMS improves efficiency by removing common employee pain points. For example, when guests come to the office, they often need to wait for a receptionist to check them in. Alternatively, they might need to stand in front of the lobby too long, causing them to miss important meetings.

Moreover, a VMS helps visitors save time by making them pre-register themselves and provide all the necessary details online. New age systems also eliminate the need for a physical badge, which makes their visit more personalized and digitalized.

Another way a VMS can boost productivity is through record-keeping and data reports. With real-time data reporting, businesses can make informed staffing and business decisions. For instance, a gym can monitor peak times and decide the best time to staff the building. This is called the ‘on-grid’ approach, where different systems connect and exchange information. This ensures a high level of efficiency in the workplace.

Increases Compliance

Most workplaces have a regular flow of visitors, including customers, vendors, business associates, job applicants, delivery personnel, and employee family members. A visitor management system increases security by ensuring that every visitor is greeted as they enter and exit the building and that there is a clear record of who is in the office at any given time.

A SaaS visitor management system can integrate with existing access control systems to create a seamless experience for your guests. This includes pre-screening visitors to ensure that they meet health and safety criteria before they check in, enabling them to sign in with mobile photo ID scanning, and allowing for tight control of who is allowed where through visitor-level access control.

The benefits of a visitor management system go far beyond saving time and money, especially when it comes to increased security. After all, would you want someone to wander into your lobby and discover your company’s confidential documents or trade secrets?