How Safe is Clearwater for Pedestrians?

By  //  June 14, 2023

Clearwater is known for its dangerous roads, which have led to the loss of lives of many pedestrians. In fact, in 2021 alone, 60 pedestrians lost their lives to accidents, with 387 suffering injuries in Clearwater, Florida.

While these accidents have been ongoing for years, recent calls to action have led the government and private organizations to strategize how to make the roads safer and reduce fatalities.

On that note, let’s take a look at how safe Clearwater is for pedestrians.

Clearwater’s Dangerous Roads

If you’re unfamiliar with the roads of Clearwater in Florida, let’s quickly explain why they’re this dangerous. Many six- or eight-lane roads carry high traffic at high speeds in Clearwater.

These roads also have complicated intersections, multiple turn lanes in almost every direction, and sidewalks and crosswalks far apart, making walking unsafe.

Of course, if you get injured and want to seek justice, you can easily get a personal injury lawyer in Clearwater. However, staying safe is always better.

While little to nothing can be done to change the road network in general, here are some tips to help you keep safe while maneuvering the infamous streets of Clearwater.

Avoid Using Headphones When Walking

Listening to some music while walking isn’t bad, but you might want to skip on that if you’re walking in Clearwater. The reason is that you need to be alert at all times, and with earphones plugged in, you might not hear anything, for example, the sound of a driver’s car horn.

With many things to do and places to explore in the area, the least you can do while going about your daily activities in Clearwater is to stay safe and follow these pedestrian tips.

Wear light-colored Clothing At Night

While you cannot easily improve the average person’s night vision, there are ways to make the surroundings sharper. The headlights on a car are one of them. In addition to headlights, pedestrians are advised to wear light-colored clothing instead of dark clothing.

This is advised because dark clothing “camouflages” you, letting you blend into your surroundings at night. On the other hand, light-colored clothing improves your visibility to drivers, reducing your chances of getting knocked down.

Don’t Walk When Intoxicated

Drivers are advised not to drink before or while driving, which is why DUI is a major offense. Aside from drivers being sensitized, pedestrians should also avoid walking drunk.

This is because intoxication makes you less coherent and impairs thinking and reflexes, especially in a city where pedestrian safety is not guaranteed. You must be mentally alert when walking, especially on roads as dangerous as Clearwater’s. 

Worst case scenario, if you are drunk you should find a sober friend to walk you home and keep you in check.

Don’t Do Anything Unexpectedly

Sometimes, drivers in car accidents involving pedestrians say something like, “he appeared from nowhere.” As a result, it is advised to follow pedestrian rules and always stay on the sidewalks.

If you want to cross the road, wait until the traffic thins out a bit and cars are either not speeding or at a standstill. Alternatively, you can walk to the nearest crosswalk and cross the road.

Always Use Crosswalks

As explained above, you should use a crosswalk when you want to cross the road.

While most of the Clearwater area crosswalks are far apart, you still need to use one when you need to cross the road.

Most drivers expect pedestrians to be at the crosswalk, not trying to cross the road in front of them. So, if you do, it might surprise them, and they may not be able to stop in time.