How to Create and Design Your Classic Kitchen Interior With Hexagon Tiles

By  //  June 5, 2023

Using hexagonal tiles for the kitchen’s floor and wall is one of the most significant contemporary trends in interior design.

The hexagon is the fundamental shape for the honeycomb, one of the most well-known design themes, which is used in building facades, floor plans, and hexagon tile patterns.

The kitchen’s hexagon tiles are reminiscent of a 1930s Deco design that was highly popular. Still, they have been updated in a contemporary manner and, most importantly, made of stoneware from a new generation.

The kitchen’s hexagon design enables you to produce stunning chromatic while still seeming light to the eye. Hexagonal tiles are frequently used for kitchen backsplashes, which are among the most significant design features since they are among the first things people notice.

Where to Use Hexagonal Tiles?

The six-edged tiles are available in various sizes, hues, and designs, making them exceedingly adaptable and valuable in various configurations. 

Hexagon tiles are popular design choices in home design, including hexagon tile bathrooms for a unique bathroom design and hexagonal backsplash used in kitchen design to create a stunning focal point. It can also be used in fireplace tiling, living room, dining floors, or a section in the dining room. However, those aren’t the only spaces that may use the geometric patterns of the hexagon tile design.


Hexagon tiles exist in various sizes; however, the actual size variation depends on how each tile is shown. Hex tiles are available as sheet tiles or as individual tiles.

The individual comes in various sizes, including 6×6, 8×8,12×12, etc., where a single hexagon pattern represents the tile itself. Since there are fewer grout lines and grooves to catch spillage, individual tiles are ideal for floors and walls.

With so many hexagons on each sheet tile, you may find a variety of patterns and hues for your walls, floors, or backsplashes in the kitchen. Sheet tiles, which are about a foot in length and a foot in width, have a pattern made up of several smaller hexagon shapes. In essence, it is a hexagonal sheet.


Hexagon tiles come in practically every color you can imagine, but the most common color families are white, beige, black, and gray. Sticking to these timeless colors for your hexagon tiles gives them a modern, industrial, or contemporary style.

Numerous sheet tiles of hexagonal tiles may also be discovered in a range of colors to make mosaic patterns. Hexagon mosaic tiles look fantastic in spaces with a contemporary, modern, or transitional design theme.

6 Ways to Design Your Classic Kitchen Interior With Hexagon Tiles

Your backsplash can outlive your stay in your house if you choose a hexagon tile and design that is a mix of class and modern. The secret is to pick a high-quality tile and have it placed properly.

What good is it, though, if you don’t like how a durable tile looks when compared to the rest of the kitchen?  Think carefully about your color scheme and design pattern while installing your hexagonal tiles if you anticipate doing some remodeling soon and don’t want to change the backsplash along with the rest of the room.

Neutrals are timeless and blend well with both solid and delicate hues. Additionally, they could increase the value of your home more than a unique tile color or design that few people would want. Here are ways you could design your interiors using hexagon tiles.

The Trend of Wood and Tile

The resurgence of wood in contemporary architecture is fueled by a passion for “all things natural.” Combining hexagonal tiles with the hardwood floor in the open-concept kitchen area is a terrific way to provide pattern, texture, and lots of visual contrast.

It can all be introduced without altering the room’s neutral color palette. The hexagonal floor tiles provide an innovative technique to divide space in an open-plan kitchen area without utilizing half walls or even artificial ceilings. Modern and elegant in every way.

Stunning Geo Hexagonal Backsplash

Add a creative arrangement for a stunning focal point in your kitchen, whether using vivid orange hexagonal or sleek black tiles. The geo backsplash with hexagonal tiles is an excellent choice for those searching for an alternative to neutral hues. Instead of neutral shades, you might use brighter and more enticing tiles.

A Blending Pattern

Not all hexagonal tiles must be plain and straightforward. Despite being a little more costly and difficult to acquire than their standard counterparts, patchwork hexagonal tiles are definitely worth the extra money you spend. 

It is preferable to use monochrome tiles that don’t stray from white and various colors of gray. Since your kitchen already has many patterns, adding color risks detracting from its contemporary charm and giving it a cluttered appearance. It is preferable to use monochrome tiles that don’t stray from white and various shades of gray. These hexagonal tiles with patterns are ideal for modern eclectic and industrial kitchens.

Mix White and Black Hexagon Tile Bathroom 

You may give the walls of your shower a honeycomb appearance by mixing black hexagonal tiles with conventional (white) bathroom hexagonal tiles. Adding a focal point and breaking up the bathroom’s abundance of white may be accomplished in this way.

Use a Flowered Hexagon Tile on a Wall Section

Utilize a choice of ornamental hexagonal tiles with flower patterns to create an intriguing monochromatic feature wall.

Make Your Kitchen Backsplash Classic

Any style of white marble-look tile will always be a classic. They provide a style that adds character to a space and melds beautifully with any décor. Hexagonal tiles come in that classic style. The hexagonal tiles with a marble-like appearance will give your house a touch of personality and class.

Consider using hexagonal tiles with a marble appearance as your kitchen’s backsplash; it creates a refined and elegant feel. 


Hexagon tile is stunning, and the design looks fantastic in any part of the home decor you may choose to put it. Such tiles make an excellent backsplash for a kitchen, providing you with the ideal setting against which to prepare meals. 

Not only is the backsplash decorative. It safeguards your wall by keeping you from sprinkling water, oil, or any other cooking liquid on your porous kitchen wall.

A hexagon tile bathroom or wall accent is a terrific use of the tiles. The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home; adding a distinctive set of decorative tiles will undoubtedly enhance the living room.