Humane Removal of Wild Animals From the House

By  //  June 22, 2023

Living in a private house near a forest and wildlife brings not only advantages, but also disadvantages and dangers.

One of the biggest threats is wildlife entering the house through openings in the walls or attic. Independent attempts to eliminate or expel wild animals from the house are not always safe for people, so the best solution is to use a professional wildlife removal service. This humane approach saves time and health of the residents of the house and guarantees to solve the problem of wildlife entering the premises. 

What danger do wild animals bring to your home? 

Very often, homeowners are unaware of the threat that common rats or bats can pose if they settle in the house or attic.

In fact, all wild animals can carry infections, diseases, and be especially dangerous for families with children: 

■ Bats carry infections and viral diseases such as rabies virus, influenza virus, and even Ebola virus. If these wild animals enter a house and bite one of its inhabitants, the bite can lead to infection with rabies virus or other infections.

■ Rats are dangerous because they reproduce very quickly and spoil food, furniture, and clothing. These mammals can even chew through pipes or walls, so they can easily enter homes and can transmit typhoid or hepatitis infections through contaminated food.

In most cases, it is rats or bats that enter homes due to their small size. For your own safety and health, you should contact professionals immediately if you notice these wild animals in your home. 

Why is using the services of Critter Stop the most effective method of dealing with wild animals in residential buildings? 

Critter Stop has extensive experience in removing wild animals from residential buildings. Hundreds of positive reviews about the professional activities of this service have their reasons: 

■ This company not only removes wild animals from the house, but also guarantees a free inspection of the house before the procedure and disinfection of the house after the procedure so that wild animals cannot return to the premises.

■ Critter Stop specialists conduct a detailed inspection of the entire house to find all the places and holes in the walls through which wild animals get inside. Isolating and sealing these places ensures the peace of mind of the residents.

■ Critter Stop values not only its customers, but also the life and health of wild animals. Therefore, the process of removing wild animals from homes is humane: large animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and others are transported to the forest and released in a safe natural area.  

All these stages of work allow the residents to save their time and make sure that wild animals do not return to their homes. The main thing is to react in time to the appearance of uninvited guests and to contact a professional company so that you do not worry about your health and safety.