Massaging Your Dog To Help With Pooping: A Comprehensive Guide

By  //  June 14, 2023

Dogs can often have difficulty pooping whether due to a medical condition, inadequate diet, or distress.

One form of aid to help get the pooping process going is ‘dog massaging’, a technique that requires applying firm pressure around the dog’s abdomen to help break up the feces and relax the colon for a smooth passage. It is a little-known practice that is slowly gaining more attention. This comprehensive guide will take you through the procedure How to Massage A Dog To Poop so you can better educate yourself and possibly help your pup on his/her pooping journey.


It is a well-known fact that dogs can often have trouble pooping, which can be due to several reasons such as underlying health issues, distress or a lack of sufficient diet. The issue can become increasingly uncomfortable and taxing on the dog, especially if the pooping is done infrequently. Fortunately, there is a low impact and relatively safe remedy known as ‘dog massaging’. This technique involves applying firm pressure around the abdomen, much like one would do for a human massage, that can help relax the colon and aid in breaking up feces to push it out.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

The materials necessary to perform the dog massage are easy to find and inexpensive. All you need is a towel thick enough to absorb excess moisture, a few water-dampened cotton balls, skin-friendly lotion or oil, a brush to stimulate the muscles of the abdomen, and a dog nutri-calm supplement if necessary. It is also a great idea to have a filtered water bottle which can entice a hesitant dog to drink more water to help speed up the digestion process.

Preparatory Steps

The preparation for the massage is just as important as the actual process itself. Gather all the materials you will need and if you suspect the dog is backed up, feed him/her a nutri-calm supplement that can stimulate the digestion process. Place a thick towel on the ground to keep your pup off the cold surface and lay it on the floor. Gently pull the fur out on the abdomen of the pet and apply a few of the cotton balls that have been dampened with water. Make sure you protect him/her from any exterior elements and sweep away any ants that might have entered the area.

Massage Technique For Small Dogs

If the dog is a small or toy breed breed, place both your hands on the sides of the dog’s abdomen and apply a gentle but firm pressure in a circular motion. Make sure to not apply too much pressure as this can do more damage than good. Move your hands carefully around the stomach in a clockwise or anti-clock direction (not too fast) followed by a moment of stillness in between movements. This can help to relax the bowel walls and stimulate the peristalsis muscles to prepare the pooping process.

Technique For Medium & Large Dogs

The massage technique can still be used with dogs of a larger size, but the motions are slightly more complex. Place your palm and thumb on either side of the mid-section and make the same circular motions as before.  However, you should be gentler on these larger breeds since their stomachs are more sensitive than that of their smaller counterparts. At the same time, maintain firm contact with the abdomen as you move your hands in a figure-eight pattern starting from the bottom, moving up to the top, and finally back down the sides. This can help the dog relax and the bowels to become less tense, ensuring a much smoother passage through the intestines.

Importance of Consistency

It is important to be consistent with regular massage therapy on your dog, especially if it has a health-related issue with pooping. The more regular you can keep it up, the more likely it is that your dog will become comfortable with the process and may even learn to look forward to the massage. Doing so will make it a less intimidating process and can help to build a trusting relationship between you and your pet.

Benefits of Regular Massage 

Regular massage therapy does not only lead to an easier pooping process for dogs, it is also beneficial in other ways. Regular massage can reduce the level of dog anxiety and increase blood circulation, as well as provide mental stimulation. Your pup can also benefit physically by having stronger muscles and tendons as well as improved flexibility. This can help prevent potential ligament and joint issues in later life.

Some Possible Alternatives 

If massaging your pup is not suitable because of a medical issue or simply because you do not want to do it, there are some alternatives that may work. Providing the right diet for your pet is one way to ensure a healthy bowel movement. Add supplements to their regular meals such as dairy products, canned pumpkin, or prunes to help them poop. There are also laxative ingredients that can be added to their food such as fiber-rich foods and wheat bran.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Be aware of the signs your pet may be showing that indicates that something is wrong. Look out for straining, excessive licking of the area, straining more than normal, and signs of pain or discomfort. If any of these signs are present, it is best to take your pet to the vet and get him/her checked out as soon as possible.


Dog massaging is an effective and safe way of relieving your pup from the struggles he/she may have with pooping. It can help to relax muscles and stimulate the digestion process, promote blood circulation, lower stress levels, and even improve joint and muscle strength. Although not always necessary, it is a great adaptation to have in your repertoire of dog contentment strategies.

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