Merritt Islanders Organize PAC to Study Feasibility of Unincorporated Merritt Island Becoming The City of Merritt Island

By  //  June 23, 2023

$45,000 feasibility study is being produced by BJM Consulting Inc.

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Aerial shot of Merritt Island, Florida. (Image for Space Coast Daily)

BREVARD COUNTY, MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA – A group of concerned citizens from Merritt Island on Florida’s Space Coast, have organized a PAC (Political Action Committee) to study and educate themselves and their fellow residents, on the feasibility of becoming incorporated as the City of Merritt Island.

The group is called The Merritt Island Preservation Committee (MIPC) and is led in part by Marcus Harmon, who serves on the board of directors of MIRA (Merritt Island Redevelopment Agency).

The MIPC Pac went before the Brevard County Commission in February of 2023 to request that the county fund a feasibility study to look at the issue.

The Brevard County Commission approved with a 5-0 vote, a $45,000 appropriation to fund such a study.

That study is being produced by BJM Consulting Inc. and according to Harmon, it will be ready for public view within 2-4 weeks.

CLICK HERE to see the Initial Financial Projections For Incorporation of Merritt Island Feasibility Study and the letter with survey questions circulated to residents, produced by BJM Consulting Inc.

If the feasibility study shows that there is reason to let the voters of Merritt Island decide this issue, then the group would request that the proposal be placed on the Brevard ballot for voters to choose the outcome.

Such an effort has been attempted in the past, but the residents voted against incorporating.