The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Extra Large Nitrous Canisters For Your Cream Charger

By  //  June 14, 2023

Each restaurant must determine what is best for its bottom line, including the types of equipment that you purchase. While some, such as an industrial dishwasher, are standard for nearly any commercial kitchen, others make sense only for certain operations. 

One which can be a great boon to some companies is the cream charger, which can be utilized in a variety of ways: not only can it create perfect whipped toppings for your dessert options, but it can also infuse liquor, whip butter, and generate novel foams for more experimental dishes. 

For those larger enterprises which produce a large volume of whipped items every day, extra large nitrous chargers for your whipped cream dispenser are an obvious choice, though they do have some drawbacks. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of large nitrous oxide canisters today to see for yourself whether this is the right option for your restaurant or bakery.

As they have greater capacity, extra-large chargers reduce downtime

For those food service operations with high volumes, such as a 100-table restaurant or a banquet hall, it’s essential that you streamline production and reduce unnecessary delays. 

As typical whippits are quite small, you will continuously need to remove and replace canisters throughout the week, sometimes in the middle of dinner service or during a particularly busy period. Nothing is more irritating to customers than having to wait for the server to hunt down one particular item, and it will vastly lower their satisfaction with your work.

In contrast, a 640g canister of nitrous oxide can last weeks or even months, depending on your usage, which means that you won’t need to worry about continuously switching out whippits and adding unnecessary friction to your production.

You can control the pressure to diversify your menu

If you’re using a typical, run-of-the-mill cream charger, you have few options other than producing basic whipped cream. However, high-end cream chargers, such as those sold by Exotic Whip, will be attached to a pressure regulator with a gauge to help you accurately assess how much pressure you’re using to push the nitrous oxide into the dispenser. This means that you can use your cream charger for several different applications; for example, you can use a higher pressure to rapidly infuse fruit flavors into liquor, creating exciting cocktails that can’t be found anywhere else. 

If you have a lighter substance that just needs a light whip to foam up, like fruit juice, you can lower the pressure and make a soft, frothy concoction that isn’t unbearably thick. This wouldn’t be feasible with a more low-end model, such as those that don’t use extra larger chargers – and you’d be running through whippits much faster, which might not be economical or sustainable depending on your bottom line. 

The more options you can give to your customers, the more your business will stand out amongst competitors, building more interest and developing a loyal fanbase that spreads your message through word of mouth.

When handled properly, extra-large cream chargers are incredibly handy

You can only get the best out of any product if you use it according to manufacturer instructions, and extra large whippits are no different. It’s vital that you understand the drawbacks of nitrous oxide, particularly that it is a pressurized substance that poses a risk of explosion. 

For safety, nitrous canisters must be stored well away from heat – including sunlight – and should be kept at a relatively stable temperature, because large fluctuations can cause issues with the internal pressure. They also should never be exposed to moisture or punctured; should there be any damage to the canister, it’s essential that you depressurize it and dispose of it to protect your team.

With all these considerations, extra large canisters may not be the best choice for those who work in food trucks or very small shops, as there might not be enough space to store the cream charger away from open flames or heat sources. You should also consider how often you use whipped items, and if adding more would make sense for your particular restaurant. 

However, if you have the space and wish to expand your offerings, a cream charger with an extra-large canister may be an excellent purchase that provides great value for years to come. Choose a reputable manufacturer that provides all parts of the system – dispenser, extra large charger, and pressure regulator – so that each component is fully compatible. 

Lastly, train all your employees on safety precautions for nitrous oxide to prevent accidents or damage to the device. Before you know it, you’ll have standout dishes unlike anyone else in town.