The Synergy Between Traditional and Digital Advertising: The Recipe to Attract Thousands of Customers

By  //  June 3, 2023

Today’s small businesses are exposed to fierce competition and a market dominated by large corporations, which have a huge capital base with which they exercise great media power.

This makes it necessary that, when a business is starting or wants to expand, it requires an enormous amount of luck, in addition to an intelligent and, above all, massive marketing strategy.

This forces to use all the methods that are available, so that the best possible results can be obtained. An intelligent strategy is the synergy between traditional advertising and digital marketing. The first requires a much larger investment, but has long proven to be highly effective; On the other hand, digital marketing allows you to have more reach and be present in the lives of your prospects to clients in a much more effective way.

What to prioritize at what time?

The main problem in the current market is that traditional advertising governs almost all spaces of modern life, which is why, for a small business, there seem to be practically no spaces where to advertise your business and offer good results. However, this does not mean that it cannot be done. You can contract spaces where you can put your advertising, either on giant screens or on posters such as those printed by Print Safari, a company that is dedicated to printing posters, billboards and all kinds of advertising elements in different materials.

This type of advertising is more effective when you manage to place it in packed spaces. If you don’t have the budget to prioritize this, you still have the other option, one that is currently the main tool for expanding small businesses: digital marketing. It is our advice that, if you are just starting, you have an expert in digital marketing among your team, who allows you to scale your business quickly, through publications on social networks, through the digitization of your business through a web page.

How to balance traditional and digital advertising?

As we have already mentioned, at this level it is better to have a large online presence, but once you have gained more customers, you need to look for a way to have a greater presence in the real world as well. For this, it is necessary that you hire professionals who are in charge of managing said advertising. The marketing team of a company is a key investment to achieve good results, becoming a mandatory requirement to achieve success.

It is necessary that their work be supervised, and that they be allowed to clearly express the nature of your company, taking advantage of the creativity and strategies devised by them. If you must do this work on your own, you need to have basic knowledge of marketing, as well as how to evaluate the performance of a campaign, otherwise you may not get the results you expect.

In general, having the same team in charge of general advertising is an excellent way to avoid conflicts between both marketing campaigns, and will allow you to have more global control of them.