Tips For Finding the Perfect Athletic Shoes

By  //  June 4, 2023

While shoe shopping sounds like a fun experience, it can become a nuisance when you realize that you brought home a pair that does not fit right even after browsing many options.

Here are some tips to help you avoid this disappointment and bring home a perfect pair of athletic shoes:

Your Sport Matters

Many people believe that all athletic sneakers are created equal and you can get any that you like regardless of the purpose that you are buying them for. However, this is a big misconception. 

Your sport matters a lot when you are choosing your sneakers as each sport requires different levels of support in specific areas of the foot. 

For example, if you are looking for badminton shoes, it’s important to consider that the pair must provide ample ankle support to prevent injuries. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose the right badminton shoes tailored to your needs.
Similarly, while running or walking shoes may be suitable for everyday use, the same cannot be said for badminton shoes.

So your sport matters a lot when choosing the perfect athletic shoes.

Find Your Fit

Comfort and support should be at the top of your list when it comes to athletic shoes. So finding your fit is important as this will dictate how much at ease you are while wearing the shoes.

Depending on the country you live in, you might need to adjust your shoe sizes across different sizing charts as these can vary immensely. For instance, a US Women’s size 8 is the same as a UK size 6 or a European size 39. This can get confusing pretty quickly.

This is why it is important to measure your foot when you are at the store or compare it with sizing charts available on e-commerce websites. 

Make sure to keep in mind that not all countries or brands have sizing charts that accommodate a wide foot or even a half size. 

Sticking to brands that accommodate these concerns is your best bet as the half-size up or down can save you from all the adverse effects of wearing the wrong size.

Customize Your Support

Arguably, the most important step to finding the perfect athletic shoes is making sure you have enough support in the areas where you need it the most. This is why customizing your support is crucial when you are buying shoes.

Getting orthotic shoes with arch support is the best decision as they can have numerous benefits as far as your foot and leg health are concerned. For example, orthotic shoes can help alleviate knee pain and result in more stable strides.

However, if you have shoes that do not offer great support, you should stop using them or use them for shorter periods. 

Moreover, you can add extra cushioning insoles for your shoes to add support where you need it the most. 

Choose What You Like

One of the most important parts of buying a pair of athletic shoes is choosing something that you like. If you choose something you like, you are more likely to be able to meet your fitness goals. 

Shopping for new things can bring a wave of excitement and make you motivated to do the exercises for which you bought the shoes in the first place. Take some time to choose a good color and a style that you like.

Try to choose a classic style that will not go out of fashion quickly as good athletic shoes can last a while if used and treated well.


All in all, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right shoes. 

As long as you pay attention to the purpose, the fit, the support, and the style of the shoe – you are making the right choice!