2024 NFL Offseason: Three Crazy Expectations We’re Looking Forward To

By  //  July 29, 2023

The NFL summer of 2024 could be a crazy time. Even though it’s a long way off, let’s look at what might happen right now. Teams will decide what to do in 2024 based on how the 2023 season goes.

Teams seem to be moving around more and more in recent years as they try to win the arms race and get ready for a possible run at the Super Bowl. Recently, there have been a crazy number of player deals, and they have been for very good players.

I think these three things could happen during the NFL downtime of 2024 and make national news when they do.

Arizona Cardinals to earn #1 overall pick in 2024 and trade Kyler Murray

There have already been mock 2024 NFL picks, even though the 2023 class hasn’t even taken a snap yet. There does seem to be a chance that the Cardinals, who don’t have much ability, will lose enough games to get the first pick in the NFL Draft in 2024, check the odds on Kyler Murray to Arizona Cardinals to bet on nfl games online.

Well, Caleb Williams is the best quarterback in the class of 2024, and he has already been compared to Patrick Mahomes. With a new management team in place, the Cardinals could decide they want to start over at quarterback and sell Kyler Murray, who is recovering from a torn ACL.

Overthecap.com says that if the Cardinals move Murray after June 1, it would save them a huge $38.8 million against their salary cap. Arizona might want to start over with their quarterback position and save tens of millions of dollars.

Expecting Denver Broncos to cut ties with Russel Wilson

It would be hard for Denver’s budget to handle, but it might be possible. If Russell Wilson doesn’t improve much in his second year with the Broncos under Sean Payton, Payton might be able to just let him go and start over.

Denver would have to pay $35.4 million in dead money and wouldn’t save anything on their 2024 cap number, so it’s easy to see why they might want to avoid this choice. However, why would Denver want to keep Wilson on that current contract if he doesn’t improve much?

They might decide that it is best to just rip off the bandage, get it over with, and move on.

Expecting Las Vegas Raiders to trade Davante Adams

During the offseason of the 2022 NFL season, the Las Vegas Raiders moved for Davante Adams. It seemed like a great move. Adams filled a need for them, and he also got to play with Derek Carr, who was on his college team. So, the Raiders gave up on Carr and signed Jimmy Garoppolo instead.

Adams has been unhappy with what’s been going on in the team lately, and I think Garoppolo is a much worse quarterback than Carr.

If the Raiders have a bad season in 2023, Adams would not want to stay on the team. If the Raiders trade Adams, they could save up to $17.5 million on their cap number for 2024, which would be a great cap saving.

I think there could be a few other big events in the NFL summer of 2024, but I think these three would be the most important.