Benefits of Horse Riding For Health

By  //  July 7, 2023

Horse riding has a number of benefits for those taking part, as it can often be an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors while taking in new surroundings and meeting new friends. 

However, there are so many benefits that come with horse riding on a weekly basis, whether that revolves around your mental health or physical well-being. 

Don’t worry, we are not going to talk about competitive racing or how to bet on horse races for beginners. Horse riding is simply about enjoying yourself and the company of the equine. 

But, what are some of the standout benefits that come from regular horse riding activities?


Having good posture is a vital component to having a good overall healthy well-being, and horse riding regularly can improve your posture. This is down to the regular movement of the horse, as well as the strength and stability that you are required to use to stay on the equine. 

Riders will regularly adjust to the actions of the horse, meaning that it is an activity that is extremely good for your core strength. This then helps to create a stronger core that can be beneficial for your posture on the whole. Having a strong posture can also help with other activities, such as running and weight lifting, meaning that horse riding can have a positive impact on your performance levels across a number of different sports.


Horse riding is also a very exciting activity to do to help improve your balance and coordination. Riding the animal will mean that riders will have to often move in unison with the horse, meaning that you will regularly be shifting your weight to ensure that you stay on board the animal. 

As well as this, traveling through the wildlife will also see you encounter low-hanging bushes and other obstacles that you will need to avoid, meaning that you will need to anticipate the movement of the horse before the equine moves, leading to an improvement in your overall coordination. 

Strengthens Muscles

Going to the gym and lifting weights isn’t the only way to build muscles, as regular horse riding can also help improve your size. This is down to the fact that you will need to readjust your balance while riding the equine, and engage muscles that you wouldn’t typically use if you were at the gym. 

That includes building greater strength in your upper legs and lower body. Riders will actively use their arms and back muscles to remain on top of the horse, while they will also be acting in resistance against the horse, which means that horse riding can often be better for strength training than other forms of exercise. 


Those that go to the gym regularly often don’t look forward to doing a cardio session, as they can often be dull. Therefore, horse riding is an excellent alternative. It is an exciting way to boost your cardiovascular health, as you will see your heartbeat pump faster, and deep breathing will raise oxygen levels, leaving to your lungs becoming strengthened. Controlling a large animal will also help increase your body to build up endurance over a number of months. 

All the benefits of cardio lead to a reduced risk of heart disease and overall better well-being. 

Bone Density 

As well as this regular riding can also have an excellent impact on your bone density, as muscles that are rarely used in other forms of exercise will be used. This will lead to a number of positive effects, including a reduced risk of suffering from osteoporosis, as well as reducing the risk of broken bones and fractures following a fall. 

Furthermore, horse riding also aids those with mobility issues, as the horse will take the majority of the weight meaning that it is easier for these kinds of people to do horse riding than other cardio exercises such as running and walking.