How This Rehab Center in California is Helping Residents of Tampa, FL

By  //  July 16, 2023

The cases of substance misuse have been increasing in the US for decades, and more so after the pandemic. As per National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 46 million American adults had substance use disorder in 2021.

Established in 2014, with the vision to cater to the growing number of alcohol and drug addiction victims by providing comfortable rehabilitation facilities, one-on-one therapy, and improved quality of care, WhiteSands Addiction Center in Tampa aspires to offer best-in-class remedial programs that treat addiction patients with the utmost care and provide a homely yet luxurious environment to recover and thrive. 

Founders, CEO Garry Jonas and COO Joseph Ducey recognized the gaps that treatment facilities usually miss to fill which results in high relapse rates, and came up with the most effective strategies and innovative treatment plans to take their facility up a notch with the help of expert clinicians and specialized management team.

We at WhiteSands acknowledge that every patient has their unique treatment needs. We have realized that providing individual care to each and every patient has helped them understand their condition and underlying issues better which has helped them set their own recovery goals.

People looking for holistic long-term addiction recovery can benefit from their Life Skills program which is regulated by certified therapists and guides. They aim to create balanced routines for patients that would mimic the desired healthy lifestyle after recovery. Even if they encounter any issues while doing so, the therapists take an active role in taking care of things.

Unlike other addiction rehab centers in Florida, WhiteSands takes a creative approach towards ensuring better healing and allow normal use of electronic devices after treatment hours to let patients connect with their families and loved ones. This also helps to keep a check on their anxiety levels and makes their stay more comfortable. 

At their spacious 10-acre campus they provide facilities like private rooms, activity centers to enjoy various recreational activities in relaxing hours, training and fitness programs, and much more. 

Along with medical detox, de-addiction treatments, counseling, and therapeutic cures, WhiteSands also offers a Recovery and Wellness program to encounter addiction recurrence and withdrawal management

Owing to their experimental and data-driven approach to supporting addiction patients, they came to realize that many people fail to adhere to medications and follow-up schedules which increases the risk of recurrence. Their Recovery and Wellness program addresses all the concerns patients have regarding doctors, therapists, schedules and procedures and strives to provide all their attendants with lifetime sobriety.

Considering that different drugs can cause different withdrawal symptoms, they have a system of medication-assisted treatments in place to prevent them from escalating out of control.

Dr. Lyndsay Henry, the Clinical Director at WhiteSands ensures that their doctors and medical teams operate at full efficacy irrespective of the operating costs and expenses to achieve desirable outcomes.

Although the length of treatment plans usually depends on the medical stipulations of the patient as per the duration, type and severity of addiction, WhiteSands offers a 60 to 90 days flexible treatment recourse to their patients.

 “We understand that patients at times could not manage to participate in intensive residential treatments for a range of reasons like personal obligations, financial issues, etc. Our flexible stays facility addresses this concern and provides patients the combined advantages of both supervised residential detox and outpatient rehabilitation all at once.

The rehab also offers aftercare services with 24/7 availability in order to consistently assist patients in their journey to achieve full remission from addiction. 

The nationally recognized drug rehab center also offers health insurance policies and flexible self-pay rates as per the convenience of their clients in order to make the facilities more affordable and accessible to everyone seeking help for addiction.