How to Increase the Productivity of Your Distribution Company

By  //  July 12, 2023

The distribution of products across state lines is an integral part of the country’s economy and its transport and delivery system and allows the fulfillment of orders with no limitations on location. 

Whether you are the owner of a huge distribution network with a fleet of trucks or you are (presently at least) a small local company, continue reading to learn how to increase your productivity tenfold. 

Trial the Latest Forklifts

One of the best parts about looking to improve the productivity—and indeed, the efficiency—of your distribution company is that there are myriad ways to trial the latest innovative machinery and new upgrades without having to buy them outright.

Prestigious Rightline forklift parts, for example, are a perfect example of being able to repair existing machinery effortlessly and affordably at the same time as being a company that rents and sells new machinery for the picking and packing process. 

Experiment With New Distribution Strategies

There are, essentially, five different categories of distribution strategies and it is more than likely that your own business currently takes advantage of more than one. 

Indirect distribution is when there is more than one “middleman” involved in the distribution chain, which results in strong professional connections forming between each stage. Direct distribution, on the other hand, is when the producer packs and sends the order directly to the consumer, which instead results in a more personable working relationship with customers. 

The other key categories of distribution strategies include selective distribution, which means your products are only sent to specific outlets; exclusive distribution—when the products are only sent to one place; and intensive distribution, which is when a high-selling product is promoted and distributed virtually everywhere. 

Place a New Emphasis on Individual Accountability 

Even though it is exceedingly important to cultivate a working culture of teamwork and togetherness, when it comes to mistakes (especially costly ones) you need to start placing a new emphasis on individual accountability. 

Not only will this result in each worker feeling empowered as to the quality and the standards of their own completed jobs, but this will also help you to identify those members of your team who are not currently, or indeed have never, “pulled their weight.”

Streamline the Physical Movement of Goods

Naturally, at the center of any distribution company, regardless of the size, their clients, and the industry in which they operate, is the actual movement and transportation strategy chosen to move products from A to B. 

One, fairly recent, initiative that many heads of distribution businesses throughout the country have recently chosen to explore is the delivery of certain orders to delivery parcel lockers in a centralized location. 

The simplified process of parcel locker delivery is as follows:

  1. The consumer places an online order
  2. The warehouses and retailers store the order in a parcel locker
  3. The consumer is notified electronically that the order is ready to be collected
  4. The consumer can retrieve the order using their unique and dated code