Maintaining Peak Performance of Fuso Trucks

By  //  July 17, 2023

When managing a fleet of Fuso trucks, it is essential to prioritise maintenance – ensuring that your trucks are operating at peak performance.

Maintenance can improve fuel economy and reduce the need for significant repairs while improving performance.

Keep reading as we discuss the top tips for optimising performance for Fuso trucks – from maintenance tips to choosing aftermarket Fuso parts.

Tips for Maintaining Peak Performance of Fuso Trucks

Follow these tips to ensure your Fuso trucks provide peak performance and ROI for your company.

Choosing Aftermarket Parts

Opting for OEM Fuso parts can lead to delays due to availability and won’t always provide you with top performance for your trucks. An aftermarket Fuso parts provider receives blueprints from the original manufacturer to produce Fuso parts. 

However, they often enhance these parts to increase efficiency and ensure peak truck performance. They provide more innovation to increase the efficiency of both your truck parts and improve the performance of your truck as a whole.

By choosing aftermarket parts for your trucks, you can improve the performance of your vehical. Additionally, aftermarket truck parts are more widely available – ensuring no lengthy delays on your truck parts orders.

Maintaining Fluid Levels

Not maintaining your Fuso trucks’ fluid levels can lead to poor performance due to friction, overheating, and premature wear for vital truck components. You should check your truck’s transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and engine oil, ensuring truck components are not damaged.

Keep Air Filters Clean

Fuso truck engines require sufficient airflow to prevent overheating and ensure peak performance. You should clean your truck’s air filters regularly to prevent the buildup of dust and debris, which can inhibit proper ventilation.

Perform Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance is essential to ensure proper tire depth and grip. However, it also ensures no issues with your Fuso truck’s suspension or alignment – which can lead to performance issues. To ensure peak performance, you should perform tire maintenance through regular tire inspections, rotation, balancing, and alignment adjustments.

Monitor and Maintain Battery Health

Weak batteries can cause performance problems such as breakdowns. Proactively replacing your Fuso truck’s batteries can reduce the chance of a breakdown. You will also be able to improve the ignition and power supply for your truck’s electrical systems.

Implementing Regular Parts Replacement

By choosing an aftermarket provider for Fuso parts, you can access Fuso parts more easily, supporting a regular maintenance schedule. You should keep track of the date you installed Fuso parts for your trucks and create a timeline for replacement. Aged Fuso parts and components can inhibit the performance of your trucks and should be proactively replaced.


When considering the performance of your Fuso trucks, it is essential to invest in maintenance. By replacing Fuso parts and performing maintenance regularly, you can reduce inefficiencies, prevent damage, and increase the performance of your trucks.

By speaking to an aftermarket Fuso parts provider, you can ensure you have easy access to the parts you need without encountering the long wait times that are typical with OEM parts providers.