The Evolution of Marketing Approaches in Sports Predicting

By  //  July 21, 2023

Advertising is the engine of progress, and all businesses understand this. Such a powerful industry as sports betting uses the highest quality and unique advertising to attract users to its bright and exciting world! 

When did sports predictions appear?

Sports betting has been around for centuries. Even the ancient Romans bet on gladiator fights. In recent years, this type of activity has been legalized in most countries, so the industry began to develop by leaps and bounds.

Now more and more people are betting on their favorite teams and athletes. And, of course, advertising in this area is becoming increasingly important. 

What is sponsorship in sports betting?

Sponsorship in sports betting is manifested in partnerships between betting companies and sports leagues, teams, or events. That is, any famous Indian brand like RajBet, can become a sponsor of cricket or other sports tournament.

In this case, the brand will appear in a variety of formats. These could be naming rights, advertising on team shirts, or videos during sporting events. Such sponsorship aims to attract new customers and promote the brand. 

Over the years, sponsorship has become an impressive source of income for sports leagues and teams. Almost all of them have partnership agreements with betting companies and individual teams or events. 

How has sponsorship evolved?

A few years ago, all sponsorship manifestations were possible only offline. But every year, advertising progresses. According to sportsbooks users, they learn about most sports events not from offline advertising but from digital ones.

What kinds of collaborations between sportsbooks, teams, and events are possible now?

  •     sports field branding
  •     player shirts branding
  •     presentation of the brand in the social networks of the team
  •     presentation of the brand in social networks of players
  •     native ads in videos

This is not the whole list of potential integrations. The imagination of marketers is limitless. At the same time, advertising is becoming more native and less noticeable. 

Digital is the future

After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, all entertainment and work activities were rapidly integrated online. People massively began to watch movies on the Internet, buy products online and resolve their issues not by meetings in the office but via ZOOM. At some point, it turned out that this is very convenient and saves a lot of time!

Following the development of digital in general, the popularity of sportsbooks and online casinos has skyrocketed. 

Bet lovers have realized that making bets without leaving home is incredibly fast and convenient. The popularity of the social networks of top players has also grown. Almost all top cricket players have millions of followers on Instagram.

The most popular cricketer and, in general, the most famous person in India, Virat Kohli, has 255 million followers on his Instagram. Indian digital advertising specialists say that being presented on his Instagram profile is the most expensive but also the most effective and efficient. He has collaborated with brands such as Colgate, Reebok, and PepsiCo. Other top cricketers are also happy to sell ads to big brands.