The Top Hot Spot Sprays for Dogs in 2023: A Comprehensive Review

By  //  July 10, 2023

For our furry friends, hot spots are a common skin condition in dogs. Usually, lesions develop as a result of inflammation and itching caused by excessive licking, biting or scratching.

If left untreated, it can lead to infection. Fortunately, there are different hot spot sprays that can be used to stop flea, tick and other insect infestations that are specially formulated to soothe the affected area, reduce inflammation and prevent further bacterial or fungal growth. There are several home treatment options available for hot spot problems, but it can be difficult to know which one works. To help you out, we’ve researched the top hot spot sprays for dogs in 2023 so you can keep your furry friend happy and healthy all year long.

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1. Vet’s Best Hot Spot Spray

Vet’s Best Hot Spot Spray continues to be a popular choice among dog owners. This natural formula combines tea tree oil, aloe vera, and chamomile to soothe and heal irritated skin. It effectively calms itching and reduces inflammation, providing immediate relief to your pet. The spray is gentle, non-stinging, and free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for dogs of all ages.

Better yet, you can use this product with other topical flea and tick control products. Did we mention that this hot spot spray is odorless? Yes, you can spray this product directly onto your dog’s skin or coat without worrying about them getting upset!

2. Puainta Antifungal Hot Spot Spray for Dogs

Puainta Hot Spot Spray for Dogs is an advanced spray for treating itchy skin, rashes, and other irritations. Formulated with a powerful blend of colloidal silver and other herbal ingredients, this hot spot spray can relieve painful hot spots, burns, ulcers and insect bites while treating minor wounds. This moisturizing product can also help alleviate dry, itchy skin and effectively relieve dermatitis. All of these ingredients are veterinarian-approved and safe for your pet. 

What’s more, this spray has a pleasant scent, leaves no residue after application, and uses slow-release technology with nano-silver particles for 98% purity of the active ingredients, putting this spray for dogs at the top of our list due to its effective formula and anti-itch properties.

3. Curaseb Antiseptic Hot Spot Spray

Curaseb Antiseptic Hot Spot Spray is another excellent option to consider. Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, this spray alleviates itching, moisturizes the skin, and promotes healing. It also helps to reduce redness and irritation caused by hot spots. The easy-to-use spray bottle allows for convenient application, making it suitable for dogs with mild to moderate hot spots. No odor, with a pleasant cucumber melon flavor.

4. Vetericyn Plus® Antimicrobial Hot Spot Spray

Vetericyn Plus Hot Spot Spray cleanses, soothes and relieves itchy, irritated skin affected by hot spots. The fast-acting spray provides quick relief for pets and helps reduce scratching, licking and biting. Its main ingredient is hypochlorous acid and contains no alcohol, steroids or antibiotics that won’t sting or irritate sensitive skin so your furry friend will feel comfortable throughout the application process. Clinically proven and veterinarian-recommended, this solution is safe for dogs of all ages – from newborns to adults – and is gentle enough to be used around sensitive areas like ears, nose and mouth!

5. Burt’s Bees for Pets Natural Itch Soothing Spray with Honeysuckle

Burt’s Bees for Pets Natural Itch Soothing Spray with Honeysuckle is the perfect solution for dogs who suffer from itchy skin. This specially formulated spray contains honeysuckle which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, effectively reducing the symptoms of Itchiness. Unlike other harsh chemicals, the natural ingredients in this spray will not cause any irritation to your dog’s skin. Whether your dog has allergies or is simply feeling uncomfortable, Burt’s Bees for Pets Natural Itch Soothing Spray will alleviate their discomfort and soothe their skin. Plus, with the added benefit of the delightful honeysuckle scent, your furry friend will smell as amazing as they feel.

6. Natural Care Hot Spot & Itch Relief Spray 

Natural Care Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray for Dogs has a unique blend of natural ingredients, including tea tree oil, aloe vera and chamomile, that nourish the skin and provide lasting comfort. Gently and quickly relieves itchy, dry and irritated skin, helping to soothe hot spots, seasonal skin irritations and insect bites. Quickly relieves itchy, dry skin after contact. And contains no alcohol for pet skin without stinging.

7. Pro-Sense Itch Solutions Hydrocortisone Spray

If you’re a dog-owner, you know that itchy skin can be one of the most frustrating issues your furry friend can face. Fortunately, the market now offers an array of solutions aimed at alleviating dog skin issues, including the Pro-Sense Itch Solutions Hydrocortisone Spray. Designed to be a simple, fast-acting solution to help provide relief from itching, redness, and other common skin irritations, this dog itch spray is formulated with hydrocortisone as the active ingredient. Additionally, the spray formula ensures you can use it on-demand, no matter where you are. With this easy-to-use solution, caring for your pup’s skin has never been simpler.

8. Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment for Dogs

Arm yourself with the versatile benefits of Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment for Dogs. Dog owners know that skin-related problems are common, whether it’s minor cuts, bacterial and fungal infections, or irritation from excessive scratching due to allergies or hot spots. It can be placed on open skin and promotes healing of any type of abrasion. As a bonus, it also helps ward off insects.

However, it has a menthol smell that annoys some people, and the ointment can be a bit greasy and may stick to dirt after application.


What Natural Ingredients Should I Look For in a Hot Shot Spray?

When it comes to hot shot sprays, which are typically used as a topical treatment for skin itchy and rednes, there are several natural ingredients that you can look for, such as colloidal silver, aloe vera and chamomile, eugenol (a clove oil extract), cedarwood oil, peppermint oil, and cinnamon oil. These ingredients are effective against fleas and ticks but are also considered safe for pets.

When to See a Veterinarian

If the hot spot becomes too painful to treat with topical products or begins to ooze pus, further intervention is needed. In addition to topical skin treatments, your dog may need to be treated with pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications or antibiotics.

The treatment recommended by your veterinarian depends on the severity of your dog’s problem and the cause of the hot spot.

How to Prevent Hot Spots

  • Apply flea control.
  • Dry your dog thoroughly after bathing or swimming, especially if they have a thick coat.
  • Groom your dog regularly.
  • Keep stress and boredom to a minimum; this means providing adequate exercise and ample opportunities for play and mental stimulation.
  • Feed your dog a healthy, balanced diet rich in essential fatty acids to promote healthy skin.

Do I Need To Reapply Hot Spot Spray After My Dog Swims or Gets Wet?

Yes, it is recommended that you reapply Hot Spot Spray after your dog swims or gets wet, as some sprays are not waterproof and this will ensure maximum effectiveness against fleas and ticks, as well as itchy skin, infections.

What Can I Spray on My Dog to Stop Itching?

There are a few different sprays you can try to help stop your dog from itching:

  • Apple cider vinegar spray: Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply it to your dog’s itchy spots. The acidic properties of the vinegar help soothe and relieve itching.
  • Aloe vera spray: Aloe vera gel can help reduce inflammation and soothe itchy skin. Mix a small amount of pure aloe vera gel with water in a spray bottle and apply it to your dog’s itchy areas.
  • Oatmeal spray: Oatmeal is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help calm and soothe itchy skin. Cook some plain oatmeal and let it cool, then strain out any solids and put the liquid in a spray bottle. Apply it to your dog’s itchy areas.

Overall, if you notice a hot spot on your dog, it is best to seek veterinary care as soon as possible or purchase a hot spot spray to prevent further complications and promote faster healing.


When it comes to choosing the best hot spot spray for your dog in 2023, it’s important to consider their specific needs and the severity of the condition. The products mentioned above have proven to be effective in providing relief, reducing itching, and promoting healing. Remember to consult with your veterinarian if your dog’s hot spots worsen or persist.

By investing in a high-quality hot spot spray, you can ensure that your furry companion stays comfortable, healthy, and free from the discomfort of hot spots. Choose a product that aligns with your dog’s needs and preferences, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with providing them with the best care possible.