Unusual Games That Revived the Online Casino Industry

By  //  July 21, 2023

Online casinos at the dawn of their existence were quite monotonous. Slots and card game simulators formed the backbone of the range. However, there were games that revived gaming sites.

Let’s talk about them. 

Live casino games with real people 

While the world was still in a state of uncertainty, live dealer games have grown in popularity over the past few years. Live casino games allow users to interact with real people on the Internet, simulating the experience of playing in a real casino. Games are broadcast by professional studios equipped with cutting-edge technology. All live casino games are broadcast in high quality, allowing you to enjoy the real casino atmosphere. Live casino studios are located in many countries around the world. Traders communicate in different languages, including English. 

Classic table games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and craps are available at the Live Casino section at most popular sites, including Shangri La. Dealers also often feature various instant-draw casino games, including lotteries, Wheel of Fortune, keno, craps, and others. Several cameras broadcast sports events simultaneously from several angles. This eliminates the possibility that the gambling house will deceive you. 

Live streaming is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what time zone you are in or what time of day you log in, you will always find dealers to play with right now. 

Since all live casino broadcasts are in real-time, players have a certain amount of time during which they can place bets. Live casino games can be accessed through a computer or mobile phone. To participate in the game, you must have a microphone, headphones or speakers, as all broadcasts include sound. 

Poker is the most popular table game. There are many table games based on poker. Together they make up 21% of all casino table games. Poker is one of the most popular card games, as well as one of the most famous both in the medium and in general. There are many variants of this game, the most famous of which are Texas Hold’em and regular five-card poker. The betting options vary by type and some of these games also feature progressive jackpot bets. 


Craps makes up 6% of all casino table games. The aim of the game is for the participants to correctly predict the outcome of a roll of a die or a series of rolls of two dice. The most popular bets are Pass, Fail, Come, and Don’t Pass. 


Bingo is a widely popular game and there are several online versions available. There is little room for planning in bingo; it’s all about luck. This is a gambling game in which the caller draws numbers at random and the players mark them on their cards. The first person to mark all the numbers on the card wins. The betting options are numerous and vary between individual versions. 

Scratch cards 

Scratch cards are the easiest to play and are primarily aimed at enthusiasts and players who lack the necessary knowledge and understanding to play traditional casino table games. The rules for most online scratch cards are the same as for real scratch cards.