10 Things Girls Should Never Leave Their Home Without

By  //  August 26, 2023

Okay, girls! This blog is for you. Because who has not been in a situation where they desperately need a hair tie but do not have one? Almost every girl will relate to this because you may forget something no matter how carefully you pack your bag.

Also, sometimes you do not even realize you need that thing. This blog is gold because it lists all the things you should carry with you. Irrespective of whether you are running an errand, traveling, or going to work. Having these things with you will come in handy, if not for you, surely, for others.

Without further ado, read on to find the things you must carry while traveling.

Business cards

If you run a business, you should always carry business cards. A few business cards should always be with you, whether traveling for work or pleasure. Opportunities can knock at any time. You can meet people looking for your skill set at any time. So carrying business cards is a good thing.

Makeup products

When leaving home, pack your most used and favorite makeup products. You do not have to take the whole vanity when going out for work or running errands. But the makeup products you use the most, like lip balm or gloss, should be with you. You can use them anytime. What if you plan to meet friends after work? You will need to refresh the makeup, won’t you? So, carry it. You can buy makeup products online Australia from anywhere to ensure you are never short on your favorite lipstick.

Water bottle

You should never leave your house without a water bottle. Hydration is essential, and people usually skip water when traveling or working. So, always carry a personal bottle that you can refill as needed. Say no to plastic bottles, as they disrupt your hormones and ruin the environment.

Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes

You can avoid getting sick with common illnesses just by using these products. During COVID, people used to carry them like crazy, but now many people do not. But, girl, you should. Germs are everywhere, and if you use a doorknob or handle or want to sit on a chair in a public place, first, you should wipe it clean using wipes. Hand sanitizers are perfect after touching any handle or door.

Mini combs

Never step out of the house without a comb. Your hair can get messy due to humidity, wind, and more. Stepping into work or a meeting with bad hair makes for a bad impression. So, carry mini hair combs to ensure your hair is never messy.

Tampons or pads

Whatever you use during your period should be with you every day of the month. If you change bags, ensure you do not forget to pack them. You should not just carry them during your date because you might forget to pack them and get surprised. Also, carrying them ensures you can help other girls when needed.


Smelling nice is always a plus. You cannot control sweat or body odor, but you can ensure it doesn’t affect how you smell. A nice perfume always works. So, carry a small bottle or two with you always.

Cards and cash

Always leave the house with a bit of cash and loose change. Yes, you can pay with cards and digital wallets. But there are a few places where you must use cash. So, it is always good to have one. Other than this, carry one or two cards, not all. And your IDs.


You cannot leave the house without multiple hair ties. Girls lose hair ties so easily that having even ten is sometimes not enough.

Earphones or AirPods

Whatever you use, always carry it. It is so good to listen to music or a good podcast. It lets you enjoy the commute in peace and is perfect for calls. 

Were you carrying all these things with you? Comment below. Also, not just skincare or makeup, other things are necessary too. For instance, carrying a business card for small business owners is essential. You never know where opportunity will knock. So, consider these ideas and elevate your packing game.