Baldr S 800 Lumens Weapon Mounted Light for Tactical Missions

By  //  August 9, 2023

The Baldr S weapon mounted light stands out as one of the most formidable compact light/green beam combinations available in the market today. Boasting an impressive white light output of up to 800 lumens, it ensures exceptional brightness in various scenarios.

Additionally, it offers a lower 100-lumen setting, catering to situations that require reduced illumination. Enhancing its versatility, the Baldr S incorporates an adjustable green beam, which guarantees foolproof accuracy when zeroed to match your specific setup. Conveniently, the setting switch enables seamless transitions between the white light, green beam, and combined settings, eliminating the need to power off the device. 

To further enhance its performance, the Baldr S is equipped with a high-capacity 3.7V 380mAh lithium polymer battery, allowing for an impressive maximum runtime of 140 minutes. The patented sliding rail mount, a signature feature of the Baldr S, ensures easy adjustment of the light to your preferred position. Moreover, this light includes two types of rail adapters designed to fit both Glock and Picatinny rails, providing compatibility with a wide range of firearms. 

Maximum 800 Lumens

The Baldr S Weapon Mounted Light redefines the boundaries of illumination with its impressive light output capabilities. Boasting a maximum white light output of 800 lumens, this compact powerhouse ensures unparalleled brightness in any situation. Compared to its predecessor, the Baldr Mini, the Baldr S delivers a remarkable 33% increase in light output, allowing for enhanced visibility and target acquisition.

Recognizing the need for versatility, the Baldr S also introduces a new 100-lumen low mode, specifically tailored for indoor use. This feature provides a gentler and more subdued lighting option, minimizing potential glare and preserving your night vision in close-quarters environments.

With its extraordinary light output, the Baldr S empowers users to illuminate their surroundings with exceptional clarity and precision. Whether you’re navigating through challenging outdoor terrains or maneuvering in confined indoor spaces, this weapon-mounted light is designed to meet and exceed your illumination needs.

Battery Run Time 

The Baldr S Weapon Mounted Light incorporates an advanced built-in power source, the 3.7V 380mAh lithium polymer battery, revolutionizing runtime capabilities. This cutting-edge battery technology ensures an impressive maximum runtime of up to 140 minutes when the light is set to 100 lumens. This extended battery life enables users to engage in prolonged operations or training sessions without the worry of power depletion.

The integration of the lithium polymer battery in the Baldr S not only extends runtime but also enhances reliability and durability. The battery’s high energy density and stable performance ensure consistent illumination, allowing users to maintain optimal visibility throughout their missions or engagements. With the Baldr S, you can trust that your light source will remain reliable and functional when you need it most.

Versatile Lighting Options:

The Baldr S Weapon Mounted Light introduces a mode setting switch that offers users the flexibility to choose between different lighting options to suit their specific needs. With this innovative feature, users can effortlessly toggle between three distinct modes: white light only, green beam only, or both combined.

When the situation calls for maximum visibility and illumination, the white light mode provides a powerful and broad beam, reaching up to an impressive 800 lumens. This mode ensures clear visibility in various environments, allowing users to effectively navigate and identify targets.

The Baldr S takes versatility a step further by providing the option to combine both the white light and green beam modes. This combined mode grants users the advantage of having dual illumination sources, offering a comprehensive lighting solution for a wide range of situations. Whether it’s the need for increased visibility or precise target acquisition, the Baldr S has you covered.

Customized Fit and Rapid Deployment:

The Baldr S Weapon Mounted Light revolutionizes the way lights are attached to firearms with its patented sliding rail mount. This innovative feature allows users to achieve a custom-fit installation tailored to their specific rail length, ensuring optimal positioning and stability.

The sliding rail mount offers a seamless adjustment mechanism, enabling users to effortlessly slide the light along the rail until the desired position is achieved. This flexibility allows for precise placement, accommodating various firearm setups and personal preferences. With the Baldr S, you can achieve the perfect alignment of your light, optimizing your shooting performance and enhancing your overall experience.

In addition to the sliding rail mount, the Baldr S is equipped with a convenient swing arm. This swing arm feature facilitates quick and hassle-free installation or release of the light. With a simple motion, the light can be securely attached or detached from the firearm, allowing for rapid deployment in critical situations. This swift and efficient process ensures that the light can be activated within seconds, providing immediate illumination when needed.

Enhanced Compatibility:

The Baldr S Weapon Mounted Light ensures exceptional compatibility by including both Glock and Picatinny-sized rail inserts as a standard. This thoughtful design feature allows users to seamlessly integrate the light with a wide range of firearms, regardless of their rail specifications.

The Glock-sized rail insert is specifically tailored to fit Glock pistol models, ensuring a secure and snug attachment. This compatibility ensures that Glock users can easily and confidently mount the Baldr S onto their firearms without any additional modifications or adapters.

For those utilizing Picatinny rails, the Baldr S also includes a Picatinny-sized rail insert. This insert caters to the standardized Picatinny rail system commonly found on rifles, carbines, and other firearms. By including this option, the Baldr S guarantees versatility and compatibility with a broader range of platforms.

Effortless Activation:

The Baldr S Weapon Mounted Light takes user convenience and accessibility to the next level with its dual ambidextrous switches. This intelligent design allows for smooth activation of the light in both momentary-on and constant-on modes, effortlessly accommodating users of either hand.

Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the Baldr S ensures that you can activate the light with ease and precision. The ambidextrous switches are strategically positioned to provide optimal access and control, regardless of your preferred shooting hand.

The momentary-on activation allows for quick bursts of light as needed, providing immediate illumination for target identification or situational assessment. By applying pressure to the switch, you can activate the light temporarily, ensuring minimal exposure and conserving battery life.


The Baldr S Weapon Mounted Light represents the epitome of excellence in compact illumination and tactical versatility. With its impressive white light output, adjustable green beam, extended runtime, universal compatibility, and user-friendly design, it surpasses expectations in the realm of weapon-mounted lights. Whether for professional use or personal defense, the Baldr S provides unmatched visibility, precision, and adaptability. Embrace its power, reliability, and ease of use, and equip yourself with a compact yet formidable tool that will enhance your tactical capabilities and keep you ahead of the game in any situation.