Blue Line Aviation Expands into the Sunshine State to Train the Next Generation of Pilots

By  //  August 21, 2023

In good news for the Sunshine State, top-rated flight school Blue Line Aviation has recently expanded to Winter Haven, Florida. According to Trey Walters, Managing Director of Blue Line Aviation, the school’s new home is beneficial for many reasons. 

“We like the area,” Walters says. “The state and local governments are very welcoming, the weather is great for flying, and the scenery is beautiful.”

Since few people are qualified to fly commercial flights, professional pilots are in high demand and are compensated well. According to US News, the median salary for pilots was nearly $135,000 in 2021, and the top quarter of pilots made more than $200,000. For this reason and more, the outlet ranks the role as number 47 in its list of the 100 best jobs.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a career pilot, you can now take advantage of the best training program in the country from its new location right here in Florida.

The best value for flight training

Walters himself began flying with his father at a young age and completed his first solo flight on his 16th birthday, before he could even drive a car. His purpose in launching Blue Line Aviation was to offer a less expensive alternative to other local flight schools. 

While Blue Line’s program is now famous for its accelerated courses, his first attempt at one was a flight instructor course. “That was such a success, it led us to where we are today,” he says. We now offer the most time-efficient method available in the United States to get from zero experience to an airline job. 

Walters holds many certifications, including being a Gold Seal Flight Instructor for both single-engine and multi-engine airplanes, Instrument Instructor, and Instrument Ground Instructor. He has also served as a Safety Representative and Designated Pilot Examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In addition, Walters has attracted a team of uncommonly skilled flight instructors to the school. They come from diverse backgrounds from all different walks of life, and genuinely care about service ensuring student success ahead of their own interests.

If you want the freedom, opportunity, and exhilaration of a professional career with major airlines, Blue Line Aviation is the right place to train.

Train to be the best pilot you can be

Blue Line Aviation’s career pilot program is designed to give you a broad understanding of flying to help you become the most confident and resilient pilot you can be. Rather than simply logging hours and teaching to the tests like other programs, the school’s curriculum prioritizes safety and educates students beyond the FAA’s minimum standards for knowledge, risk management, and pilot skills.

“The quality of our training, as well as its structure, are unsurpassed,” Walters says. “That’s why qualified applicants should consider our program.”

Due to the unparalleled quality of the school’s teachers and curriculum, the FAA trusts it to evaluate and monitor the progress of its own students. “In a first for our area’s FAA office, we obtained approval to test our graduates for multiple courses,” Walters explains, “meaning they don’t have to take a practical test with an FAA Examiner to get their pilot certificate.”

Get certified faster

Blue Line Aviation’s higher-quality training also means that students require fewer hours to achieve certification. The FAA has permitted the school to reduce the number of mandatory courses students need for graduation. “With us, the number of courses students have to take is far lower than at other flight schools,” Walters says. This provides our students with a strategic advantage over those training at other schools.

While training to be a pilot is hard work, Blue Line Aviation ensures that you work smarter, not longer. “Our students graduate with a commercial pilot certificate in fewer hours than probably anywhere else,” Walters adds.

By developing students’ skills better and more efficiently, Blue Line Aviation positions them to be the best in the industry. You would think these benefits would make their tuition more expensive than others, but instead, the price of a Blue Line Aviation certification is comparable to similar, longer programs. 

“We offer the best value,” Walters says. “Why spend the same amount for lesser-quality training that takes longer to complete?”

The best flight school for aspiring pilots

Due to Blue Line Aviation’s expansion to Winter Haven, a thriving professional flight training program is now available in Florida. At Blue Line Aviation, you can maximize your tuition dollars to become the best pilot you can be in the shortest possible time, making Blue Line Aviation the best flight school for any aspiring professional pilot.

“I love watching people achieve their dreams,” Walters says. “We give students opportunities to accomplish life-changing achievements that can create generational wealth for their families. Students who put in the work enjoy a lifetime of benefit.”