Is Wood-Look Flooring Trendy in the Bathroom?

By  //  August 5, 2023

Real wood flooring in the bathroom has always been a no-go. Moisture is not a friend of solid wood and can cause it to warp and buckle. However, due to new technologies in flooring design, there are a number of flooring surfaces with a wooden appearance that are suitable for bathrooms. 

After so many years of avoiding wood in the bathroom, however, it can be a bit jarring to install wood-like flooring. In this article, we take a look at different options for your bathroom flooring and suggest how to implement it in a trendy bathroom. 

Types of Flooring to Use in a Bathroom

There are a number of surfaces that you can use in a bathroom. Tile, laminate and vinyl are three of the most popular. Ceramic tiles don’t come with the option of a wood effect, so we will not be discussing those in this article. Rather luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and laminate, as these two are the most commonly used wood-effect floors in bathrooms. 

Laminate Flooring  

Not all laminate is suitable for a bathroom, and previously you would have struggled to find a bathroom-suitable laminate. There are a range of laminates suitable for bathrooms now, however. This can be a great look if you want a simple, clean aesthetic in your bathroom. 

Light-coloured flooring is good for a bathroom in this style as it helps to keep the room feeling light and airy. The added benefit of light flooring is that it is easy to see and clean dirt. Leaving your bathroom more hygienic than ever. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile 

LVT is normally promoted as the best flooring to withstand moisture. For this reason, it is an excellent choice to install in your bathroom. Similarly to laminate, it can be printed in many designs. 

Wood-style LVT can work well in a bathroom and with the added details it can even feel similar to real wood. If you’re looking for a rustic style in the bathroom, LVT can be used to emulate the look of solid wood floorboards. Opt for larger tiles with minimal detail for a realistic finish. 

Rustic bathrooms can be finished with other natural feel materials, for example, a rattan chair.

Flooring Styles 

Herringbone is a gorgeous style for wood-like flooring. If you have a fondness for a nautical theme then this style is ideal. Herringbone patterns are also good for making rooms look bigger as the lines run diagonally to the room. Particularly in sea grey, this flooring pairs well with bottle greens and deep blues to create a seafaring scene. 

Flooring that emulates oak is also a good option if you want to get the feeling of natural materials (even if they’re made from something less natural). 

Underfloor Heating 

Another great benefit of laminate and LVT is that they can be installed on top of underfloor heating. What was once considered a luxury form of heating a bathroom is now coming in a much more affordable package. Underfloor heating is excellent for reducing energy bills and allergens too. 

Underfloor heating does not work with solid wood flooring as the temperature changes can have a lasting impact on the wood, similar to that of moisture. 

Selecting Your Floor

Hopefully, this article has gone some way to help you choose what flooring you’re going to use for your bathroom. There are also numerous styles available in laminate and LVT which are not styled like wood. Order some free samples before you commit to a purchase.