10 Tips: How to Choose a Cool VTuber Name

By  //  September 15, 2023

If you’re thinking about becoming a VTuber (Virtual YouTuber), one of the first things you’ll need is a catchy name.

Your VTuber name is like your online nickname or brand, and it’s pretty important. In this article, we’ll talk about how to pick the perfect name when you’re just starting out.

  • Show Your Character

Think about the character you want to be as a VTuber. Are you funny, serious, or maybe a bit mysterious? Your name should match that character. For example, if you’re lively and fun, your name could be something like “BouncyBella.”

  • Make it Unique and Easy to Remember

There are lots of VTubers out there, so you want a name that’s special and easy to remember. Don’t pick something that sounds like someone else’s name. You want your viewers to remember you, so a unique name is key.

  • Think About the Future

Imagine you become super popular as a VTuber. Can your name be used for things like T-shirts or hats? A name that works for branding is a good choice because it helps you grow your VTuber presence.

  • Keep it Simple

Don’t go too crazy with your name. It should be easy to say and spell. Names with lots of weird symbols or numbers can be confusing for your fans.

  • Be Yourself

Your VTuber name should feel right to you. It’s a big part of your online identity, so pick something you like and feel comfortable with. People like VTubers who are genuine and true to themselves.

  • Be Respectful

Make sure your name doesn’t have any bad meanings or offend people from different cultures. It’s important to be respectful and considerate.

  • Get Feedback

Before you decide on your VTuber name, ask your friends or a small group of people what they think. They can help you choose the best name, and it’s always good to get different opinions.

  • Think About Pronouns

If you’re going to be using specific pronouns for your character (he, she, they, etc.), consider incorporating them into your name. This helps your audience quickly understand your character’s identity.

  • Avoid Trendy or Time-Sensitive Terms

 While it might be tempting to use the latest trendy words or phrases in your name, remember that trends change. What’s cool today might be outdated in a year. A timeless name is often a better choice.

  • Consider Your Target Audience

Think about who you want to watch your VTuber content. Is it kids, gamers, anime fans, or a specific niche? Your name should appeal to your target audience.

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Choosing a VTuber name when you’re just starting is exciting. Your name is like your online brand, so take your time to pick something cool and unique. Make sure it matches your character, is easy to remember, and can be used for branding in the future. Keep it simple, be yourself, be respectful, and get some feedback from friends. With the right name, you’ll be on your way to VTuber stardom!