AG Ashley Moody Lays Out Biden’s Plan For Mass-Release Quotas For Migrants Stopped at the Southern Border

By  //  September 13, 2023

Attorney General Ashley Moody continues to uncover evidence of the Biden administration’s intentional destruction of the nation’s border with Mexico.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA – Attorney General Ashley Moody continues to uncover evidence of the Biden administration’s intentional destruction of the nation’s border with Mexico.

Recently-obtained U.S. Border Patrol emails outline new proposed “bookout targets” for field chiefs and deputies to “bring in-custody numbers to manageable levels.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Acting Deputy Chief emailed the new targets on Aug. 8, following a field leadership call to discuss “in-custody numbers.”

During the call, CBP leaders revealed that “the rate of daily encounters continues to surpass the daily permanent bookouts and the in-custody numbers continue to rise.”

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Biden and Mayorkas have become so brazen that they are now implementing mass-release quotas for immigrants surging into our country. As a federal judge already recognized, these releases are unlawful, yet the Biden administration is ordering Border Patrol to release even more immigrants into the interior. This latest email is further proof of the disastrous cycle created by Biden’s intentional destruction of our border with Mexico. Biden cuts resources, opens the border, and then releases detainees while claiming there is not enough detention capacity to prevent the unprecedented flood of migrants entering the country because of his terrible policies. With every passing day it is becoming more obvious that the border crisis is being intentionally orchestrated by the Biden administration. We will continue to do everything in our power to push back and let the American people know of Biden’s devious plan.”

While the email Attorney General Moody obtained from CBP references new “daily bookout targets,” the actual release quotas were redacted for unexplained reasons.

Read the full email here.

According to reports, CBP is currently detaining nearly 20,000 migrants with agents reporting nearly 6,000 new encounters daily.

Since President Biden took office:

– More than 6 million migrants have surged across the border;
– More than 50,000 pounds of fentanyl has been seized, enough to kill the U.S. population more than 35 times over; and
– 259 people on the terrorist watch list have been identified, including 146 so far in fiscal year 2023.

With the current surge and mass-release policies in place, states as far north as New York and Massachusetts are feeling the effects. Massachusetts is under a state of emergency while struggling to house an influx of illegal immigrants.

Florida beat the Biden administration in federal court earlier this year, obtaining a ruling that called the current border “little more than a speed bump,” a ruling affirming what Attorney General Moody has been saying for years, that Biden’s immigration policies are unlawful.

Last month, a federal trial in Texas began, challenging Biden’s Humanitarian Parole Policy allowing 30,000 immigrants from select countries automatic access into the U.S. every month. Florida is a party to the case.