Facebook Reel Download by Link

By  //  September 1, 2023


Facebook Reels is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. 

It’s an easy way to capture and share fun moments in your life without ever having to leave your social media accounts. 

You can even download reels from other people on Facebook so you can watch them offline whenever you want! In this article, we’ll explain how to download Facebook reels using this link https://y2mate.me/facebook-reels-download

Read on for more information.

Steps to Download Facebook Reels Using a Link:

Locate the Reel Link:

The first step to downloading a Facebook Reel video is finding the link. 

This can be done by going to your news feed and looking for the Reel post. 

If someone else has posted it, click on their profile picture to view their posts and find the reel you want.

Once you have located the post, copy the link from the address bar.

Copy the URL:

Once you have copied the link, you will need to paste it into a downloader website.

Right-click on the address bar and choose “Copy” from the context menu, or simply press “Ctrl + C” (Windows) or “Command + C” (Mac) on your keyboard.

 Visit a Reel Downloader Website:

The next step is to find a website that will download the reel for you. 

There are many websites online that offer this service, but y2mate.me. is one of the most popular. 

Paste and Analyse the URL:

Once you have found a downloader website, paste the link into the address bar.

Click on the analysis button to let the website inspect the URL and start downloading the video. 

After it has finished analyzing, it will show different resolution options for you to choose from. 

Choose the Download Quality:

Choose the resolution that you would like to download and then click on the download button.

 Start the Download:

The download will start automatically and you can view the progress in the download bar. 

Once it is finished, you can enjoy your Facebook Reel video offline!

That’s all there is to it! Downloading a Facebook Reel video by link is easy and quick, allowing you to watch reels even when you are not connected to the internet. 

Give it a try today and see how easy it is to save your favorite reels!

Important Considerations:


  1. Respect Copyright and Privacy: Remember that downloading and sharing content without proper authorization from the owner might infringe upon copyright and privacy rights. Always ensure you have the right to download and use the content.
  2. Use Reputable Downloader Sites: Be cautious when using online downloader platforms. Stick to reputable websites to avoid potential security risks.
  3. Personal Use Only: Download Facebook Reels for personal use and refrain from distributing or using them commercially without proper permission.


Downloading Facebook Reels using a link is a convenient way to save and enjoy captivating short videos shared by others.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly download Reels and have them ready to watch whenever you want.