How Leadership Can Drive Social Media and Stay Competitive With Social Media Data

By  //  September 8, 2023

As a business owner, it’s crucial that you don’t fall into the trap of evaluating social media solely on a qualitative basis.

Just as you use data elsewhere in your business, you need to ensure that you’re using it to back up your social media strategy. This Drive Social Media guide will give you three reasons why data can help strengthen your brand.

Brand Perception

Likes and comments are not all there is to social media metrics. Social listening goes far beyond the obvious to capture the conversations happening outside of your profile’s comment section. It doesn’t just focus on what people are saying about your brand. It also looks into why it’s being said.

Doing this helps you catch and address the roots of negative chatter before it grows too loud. It also allows you to see the good things your loyal fans are saying about your brand. What is resonating with people? How can you recreate or repeat that experience in future product and service offerings? 

Growth Opportunities

It’s vital for your brand to start measuring Voice of Customer data like social listening, surveys, and online reviews. Why? Simply because it helps you identify the areas where your brand has room to grow. 

You can use this data to figure out your customers’ pain points, as well as gather intelligence on other brands they enjoy. In turn, this data can help you craft better campaigns that speak to these issues and create a greater sense of loyalty by letting your customers know you hear them loud and clear.

Customer Experience

More than one-third of consumers are willing to share negative experiences about your brand online. Just about that many are willing to abandon their purchase or shop with a competitor if the customer service experience is not up to par.

Social listening can help brand leaders understand negative customer experiences and provide their teams with the resources they need to turn the ship around quickly. Not only will your customers appreciate it, but your bottom line will increase as well. 

Good Social Media Strategy Isn’t Data-Optional

As a business owner, you would never start a pay-per-click campaign without having done your due diligence. Although your social media campaigns may not cost quite as much, it’s still important that you put the same amount of effort into your campaign research. 

Nearly 70% of business leaders believe that social media data and insights are currently underutilized at their companies. Don’t forget that data is your friend. It’s what helps you figure out what your customers want so you can provide it. You must leverage it well if you intend to stay ahead of the competition and build a successful brand online.

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